How We Decide Wether To Add You Or Not!

Hey everyone,

Me (25) and my GF (24) are here looking to meet people with the same interests. To read YOUR stories and share comments as well as photos. We've had a lot of people try adding us and they have 0 stories 0 photos and a logo provided by EP for a profile pic. That to us is boring. We have no interest in that. On the other hand we have become EP friends with a lot of people who have unbelievable stories and sexy photos which we love looking at. We love reading comments as well as leaving comments on stories, photos, whiteboard it makes for an awesome experience. So in case your wondering why your not being added......the above is why.
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7 Responses Jan 15, 2013

Would love to share my wife with you as you share your girlfriend with me. Like redheads?

Well done !! I do the same.. It is only fair that if you are sharing, to expect experiences of other like minded !! Some only ask to be added to check on the pics..

here here!

I will take and chance and send you friends request...

So glad you spelled it out. And you have such basic requirements which make all the sense. I am a man, vs a single woman or a couple, but even I would not friend a total "ghost"

If you ever in Souther California I would love to show you guys around.

NICELY said!

It's so annoying with no stories,no pics