Do Not Friend Us If

Before you add us( couple)

there are certain things that we would like for you

to know about us. First off, we are happily married.

We enjoy flirting with others, but

be prepared, if one gets attention then the other will crave

the same. Wink, wink.

We do not chat or message off of EP. So if you want to

Cam, YM, or IM, go ahead and move on!

We both can be sarcastic smartasses, but all in good fun.

We are not here to hurt or judge anyone. We will be

selective in friending people. We would enjoy a small circle

of friends rather than hundreds of acquaintances. So we

will read your stories and check out your profile before we

add. We do not add anyone under 30. Sorry

Pictures will be posted.

please show some respect, on his and her pics.

Other than that we are here to have fun and enjoy our

Friends! Welcome to our playground!
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1 Response Jan 18, 2013

Sounds like a fair set of requirements. Of course, most of the people who need to read this, won't...*sigh*