Like Minded People

I have decided to write this after reading other profiles

I am looking to be friends with like minded people

This said I will
1 Only add people with nude pics. I have some so I expect the same

2 Some stories a must . How do I know what you are all about . It does not  take much  to write stories

3 Not into cross dressing, ******, peeing, pooing, Tgirls. You can have your sexual desires but they are not mine so no friendship

4  Also I have sensual erotic pics. I will not put explicit legs wide spread pics up . If you expect this do not friend me

5 Also I do not have Skype so do not ask. No private emails

6 No pic swapping either I have want I consider enough pics in my Album

7 I am not into domination either so if this is your scene, most likely I will not add you

8 I am not here to make thousands of friends just similar people who are prepared to show their body off like myself and I do check profiles and if I see something not my style I will not add.

9 If you have thousands of friends, most likely I will not add. How can you interact with so many. I consider you a friend collector.

Everyone has different sexual  fantasies and opinions on life. . We are not all the same so reason not everyone will be added to my circle
Why be friends with people of different interests. No point in my opinion

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10 Responses Jan 18, 2013

Your rules are not unreasonable. Please have a look at my profile and see if I make the grade to be added as a friend.

Got it. Hope you add me.

Wow , you really know want you want. Only 1story so far. But will add more.

Seems to make sense....stick with know what you want. ;)

i love your stories and i would love to read your comments on my pics baby...

Would love to become friends

Hello Aussieslut...I think we have a lot in common. Please check out my profile and if so, feel free to add me as a friend :)

was a friend one minute and gone the next !!!

you in queensland by any chance

and i am an aussie and all !!!

sounds good

Totally agree, especially about people who don't even take time to write a story...