My Simple 10

Well I did have a long, rambling yarn lined up, but **** it - I couldn't find the draft.

1. I'm not as mean, negative, or bitchy as I appear, especially when you finally get past all that. I am a wiseass though. :D

2. Read my profile. At this point I'm not gonna have thousands of experiences I'm apart of so, same goes for stories, so feel free to go through them. If you see a few we have in common and can relate, cool.

3. I'm not here for sex. I am sexual and naughty with a few kinks contrary to my stance, but I want my EP experience to be far as normalcy goes on here. I can be crude and say crude things, but that doesn't mean I want to do the cyber thing or hook up. For the most part, that phase of my life has died down and I'm on EP to just chill and make non-sexual friends. I respect your sexual expression but I'll sit this one out, thanks.

4. I have depression, borderline personality disorder and probably OCD, but there's "me" in here somewhere. I'll probably say and write some "off" and negative things, but again thats not me. (refer to #1)

5. I am NOT a friend collector. I'd rather keep my number of acquaintances small so I can actually get to know you.

6. I know this place is about understanding, but its obvious that if you hate women, people of color, LGBTQ folks, the non-religious, fat people, those with depression or mental illness, and the poor then were probably not going to click.

7. I am shy and a touch awkward..I probably dig you, but you'll never know. :(

8. I like music and food/cooking. They seem like the 2 topics I feel adequate enough in knowledge to talk about. I have a few favorite shows but I'm not a big tv person. I own a Wii but not a big gamer. I have a few geeky interests but I'm not a geek. I feel boring but that's up to you to discern.

9. I love a cracking good intellectual conversation, but with people who are intelligent and accessible- basically down to earth but bright people.

10. Not here for head games or drama. I'm honest, so be honest with me. I'll be good to you if you are to me.

Lov3intheasylum Lov3intheasylum
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2 Responses Jan 19, 2013

hope to get to know u

I never thought you were mean or bitchy

Self perception often colors everyday life for me. I might not be to others, but to me I am :/

I can understand that. But I just had to let you know that I enjoy our interactions and I never found you to be anything other then fun, kind, and a good person

Aw, thanks :) Sorry I'm late.