So That You Know What I Am and Am Not Into...



If you'd like to be my friend, YAY! I love making friends. I’m looking for friends who are respectful (and respectfully irreverent), fun, witty, charming, intelligent, loving, kind, generous, open-minded, nonjudgmental, positive, supportive, and conduct themselves with dignity... even while they may flirt outrageously... and so may I ;-)...
Because after all, we’re here to have fun interacting, right?
But, I’m not here to get into camming or going offline with you, or communicating outside of EP.
So, if you still want to be my friend, here’s a little about me… My avatar is not me.
A good friend of mine was surfing Playboy playmates… and here I can only roll my eyes and say… really? Playboy Playmates? But he is a long time, dear friend, and who am I to judge if he likes fake… well… you know … eyelashes (and yes, eyelashes is a euphemism ;-)
Anyway, he found a photo of Heather Carolin and said, “Hey, this photo would make a fun avatar… I agreed... and so… my avatar is Heather Carolin… and I promise, she does a much better moue than I do ;-)
If you’re offended because my avatar is not me, then you probably don’t want to be in my circle. The Internet is our friend… but also calls for caution. 
And just more tiny little thing… about those nude photo requests... Not happening, my friend. I'm just not into it.

Thanks for taking this seriously!
Peace, my fellow EP’ers. May you enjoy soft winds, warm breezes, and if you find yourself being tossed about, put your arms out and let the wind steady you. As any sailboarder will tell you, a strong wind can be your friend, and among the very best of playmates ;-)
Update October 9, 2013... I must now admit (having changed my avi) that I am neither a redhead (former avi, which I refer to above), nor do I have "false eyelashes" ... I'm a blonde... and guess what... My blonde avi isn't me either :-) Hey... this isn't FACEBOOK... 'kay? LOL! And... still not interested in nude photos (unless it's of kathieredart's cats... and I do mean cats... cats is not a euphemism for a body part)... and I won't chat outside of EP, cam, or otherwise interact. But I do love witty repartee so... feel free to be wildly amusing :-)

**UPDATE August 28, 2014**
You might be the coolest, kindest, most entertaining person in the world... and I hope you are... :) But, I only accept friends if we've had conversation and gotten to know each other through commenting on stories and questions. Just like I wouldn't invite a stranger into my living room, I need to know you before we are circle friends. And, if you have groups/stories that start with "I hate..." . . . save your breath because you and I aren't compatible circle friends. The word "hate" carries the most destructive energy in existence, even if it's in support of something truly cool.

Wishing you the softest of breezes!
WindSylph WindSylph
46-50, F
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You do sound like an amazing woman. I hope you beat that cancer!

Hey there from New Zealand ... just in case you are wondering, my avatar isn't me either - but I was born in the year of the Tiger and I think they are the most beautiful creatures in the world.
I also have lost a soul mate to ovarian cancer so I wanted to say hi and wish you all the best - I know what you are going through. With all your angels, I doubt you will need my prayers, but you have them anyway. 💛

Thank you for your kindness.

nice ... here's a zephyr for you

Thanks for the story .

what is a joy coach?

It's my terminology -- I help people fall back in love with their lives.

how? pm me please

That's as lovely "term"
But I think I need to change it not fall back in love with it.

Speaking of witty, amusing and just plan funny, you're all of that rolled up into a very well-spoken women. I'd be circle-worthy fo sho! :)

You are a free spirit that I know I've met you at the beach somewhere between Naples, FL. and Corpus Christie, TX.
Don't change but please add me to keep the lines of communication open.
Thanks, Bruce

well ok , very easy to understand and now I'm looking forward to a chat sometime . And hopefully and new friend

it allll sounds like a plan to me :) lol knock your self out :) lol can her pleaseee add me now ?? lol

I shouldn't worry about your avatar mine isn't me either surprisingly.

wait... you're not a... a... m-o-u-s-e ?? Such a relief ;)

Oh you used the word repartee........ that is so hot...... love a woman who uses fancy words. ;-p


Sounds fair to me. And my Avatar is of me but no one would know! I do have nudes of me but it's always a choice for people to either look or not. You sound interesting and according to me and one or two paid friends, so am I! So if you're interested in being friends, well set your sail and tack in my direction. Fair winds. Dx

Exactly :)

Richard Gere likes blondes as well as redheads :))

I enjoyed reading this...

Aw, thanks!

So basically what you are saying is that you want to cam with me? I'm not that type of guy! :D

To all: I highly recommend WS as a friend - she is good people and sweet as candy!

Dear idlewatcher,

You are perhaps one of the few I would consider canning with :-) see that darn auto correct... It just goofed up my little game with you...

Well... I guess that decides it... No camming... Not even with you... But, can I interest you in a little canning:-)

Peaches, perhaps?

Seriously... thanks for such a sincere endorsement... I'm honored... I truly am :-)))

Oh la la! Canning! Thought you'd never ask! lol

You are quite welcome - just thought I'd share that with the masses and all of your admirers ;)

You are a darling. As for canning... *wiggles eyebrows* I know you're far too industrious a biz-tycoon to spend an afternoon canning with me :-) But again, from my heart... thank you!!

I always thought that WindSlyph was a little bottler??


LOL !!!

Better watch yourself Kat - she's on the canning prowl lol

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Thank you for your honesty! It is refreshing.

Whew, I hadn't read this, but I'm confident I made the cut. ( sends nude photos of the cats )

I have DOZENS of nude photos... of my cats... they protest against being objectified but WTH... don't I OWN them? I mean... I'm their SUPERIOR... it's not like I'm entrusted with protecting the innocent, right? They're mere ANIMALS... oh... wait... you're one of those animal lovers aren't you... woooooopsie... *deletes all nude photos of cats and rushes to the cat water fountain... fills it... rushes to the cat automatic feeder... makes sure it's plugged in... fills it to the top*


PS: you inspired me to update this since it was a little out of date...

ROF... They fear me... ROF

Words to live by, and being a retired Navy man(Canadian) one of my favourite sayings involves wind as well "Fare winds and a following sea", with those you can get through just about anything life throws at you on your journey.

My favorite one among all the posts in this group.It's very characteristic.Generally,If I want to add someone to my circle for whatever reason I'll add him/her and don't bother to think if they will add me too.After reading a few stories of yours I think I like some of your personalities.And here is something I've learned here in EP .I've tried to add some people who I wanted to be friends with into my circle,surely , I've made some interacts with them before I added them to make sure if they like me too at least some of my personalities. Most of those ones who are viewed as respectable,decent,kind,generous,with fully moral integrity and open minded refused to add me to their circle.They didn't say the reason and I didn't ask.But I can sense that.I had some interacts with them and found we share some common values,and they liked my point of view regarding to some certain subject.I thought all of that could make us friends,but it didn't turn out like I've wished.<br />
<br />
Then I realized that some people(some are my friends ,some are not ,as I've said I added people to my circle may just because I was interested in their personality or behaviors ) in my circle who are related to **** and adult&sex stuffs ,may be the main reason to make them refused to my friend request.<br />
<br />
It's kinda like when the first time they viewed your profile and saw the red point and the sentence read as 'You have disabled adult filtering, and may be exposed to mature content. You may change your settings at any time.'on the top right corner,they might have already made their choice to not add you to their circle let alone being friends with you.<br />
I respect people's choice.I'd like people respect mine too.Now I don't bother to add you though I want to as I assume you that decent kind of people as I mentioned which may refused the people who have **** related friends.I'm OK with that and I accept people who are not OK with that.I understand all of us have our principles.And apologize for my presumptuous assumption.

ok , so I've now read this and will follow religiously as you wish *winks* , So can I assume you won't kick me now as I've added you to my circle...!!

My avatar is me.

My avatar isn't me. I just choose some of them in my likeness. They are more artsy than anything else. Thanks for sharing. Your story made me smile. :)

Your avatar is lovely... I'm sure it's an accurate representation of you :) Thanks for reading and commenting!

Thank you...and you're quite welcome. :)

Okay... that sounds reasonable and still fun! I'm in! ;-)

Cool, and... glad to hear your girls were great little dancers :)

You mean my girl and four year old boy. *wink*

Woopsie... YES! That's what I meant (sorry!!) :(

It's quite natural and alright! This was the dance director's 30th year, and someone commented that they calculated she must have taught 27000 girls over the years - oh and TEN BOYS! Lmao

LMAO and sad, too. Male dancers are fabulous! Learning to dance as child can do so much to build confidence.

This was his first time - he showed the interest and we saw how good he was at JustDance3 On the wii..... so we are encouraging it!

your kids have cool parents :)

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I liked your story regarding your dad

Thanks so much!

That might just be the only time I have seen 'irreverent' in a post - along with 'eyelashes'!! So shallow to choose an avatar not of yourself ;-)

Ahhhh yes... so glad you picked up on how shallow I am ;-) *giggles at the thought*

Some really beautiful and thoughtful writings there. I look forward to reading more...

OK, as any good professor would have told me, you should first have read well...
So, now I know that I find Heather Carolin's hair lovely, that your moue is not as great as hers (Let me check: you said Carolin...), and that Playboy playmates have fake… well… you know … eyelashes (Checking again...). Learning every day.
"As any sailboarder will tell you, a strong wind can be your friend, and among the very best of playmates"
How come no sailboarder ever told me that?
Now, awaiting anxiously if I'll make the cut...

A very refined and dignified of method of getting friends. I have to say it's one of the most interesting posts I've seen thus far. Anyway I've had my interest on your story sated and need to think through one of my own. Good day and week to you Sylph, may the tides always be at your back.

Thank you Azureal... beautiful name, by the way. I look forward to reading one of yours.

I look forward to your response, though mine have been known to differ like the tides. And thank you for the complement about my name, may I ask how you thought up one as full hearted as your's, though I already know the Sylph is a spirit of the wind if memory serves.

My strongest element is air... and yes, Sylph is a spirit of the wind. I rather like the idea of being a lovely, uplifting, peaceful, playful wind... lofty goal... laugh if you must... and to be a spirit is to be limitless, although I do enjoy being in human form :)

I wish I could stay the same, too hard for me to deal with the human aspecs of life sometimes. But I admit its easier to move around. My element is more atuned with water and fire actually, but I still have deep respect for the wind

air (wind) feeds fire :-)

And water, without the wind the ocean has no waves.

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You tease... can't we see one widdle biddy "eyelash"?

Actually, great post. :)

You're a witty one, aren't you, my friend :))))

i think it is very difficult to find these all quilities in one person:-) fun, witty, charming, intelligent, loving, kind, generous, nonjudgmental, positive, supportive and conduct themselves with grace and dignity;-)