Please Value Your Time

I am one of the many people who reads profiles before adding to my circle. It's just the truth. I prefer those with similar interests who like to write. I don't want to waste your time. I usually friend ONLY those who are members of the site I AM NOT FAKE MY PROFILE IS REAL MY PICTURES ARE REAL
feelingthefeeding feelingthefeeding
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4 Responses Jan 22, 2013

i agree. well said

I'm real and i think we have similar interest you and I ;)

Love ur top. its very very sexy.

I'm sorry I don't understand what your saying. What do you mean by "I usually only friend those who are members of the site" which sight? EP or a different one. If its EP who isn't a member of the sight that "adds you". Sorry I don't understand.

EP members who have already visited the Group site named I AM NOT FAKE MY PROFILE IS READ MY PHOTOS ARE REAL and read and understand my story there will find out what kind of members do and don't get added as friends on my site. Once they read my posted story in that site, a member decides if they agree with me or not. This site posting gives members information about me and helps them decide to friend or not to friend me When I get a friend request, I check to made sure the potential friend is a member of the site (named I AM NOT FAKE MY PROFILE IS REAL MY PHOTOS ARE REAL,) They can see really quickly if/when they read my story on this group site what kind of person feelingthefeedimg (me) prefers to add to my site as a friend.