Read This Before Adding Me!

I will say first and formost this looks like a fun social networking site. But know this.... I am not on this site to find a relationship. I haven't the time for it nor do I want one. I am here to meet new friends yes. But I am not in the market for a man. I will not send you a nude pic I will not look at yours. If your going to add me as a friend I want to know we at least have some things in common. Same groups things like that. I just want it to be known now, if your profile looks sleazy in away shape or form or talks about sex or anything like that, DO NOT BOTHER!

Secondly, It is ok to be passionate about something. There are a lot of things I am passionate about. I will not stand for someone bulling me on something I believe or don't believe. I am not obligated to have same same opinion as you. I try to never use fowl language, I will not use bulling tactics to get my point across. I am a decent and kind human being and I expect you to be as well. If you don't agree with something I say that is fine but I will not tolerate you abusing free speech to treat me like I am not worthy.I will make use of the Block feature if you do. So you have been warned. Debate with decency or do not talk to me. Other than that. I can not wait to start making new friendships. It is truly a pleasure to meet everyone! Take Care!
carodwen carodwen
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Forwarning, there are tons of trolls here and you may have to delete comments by them, block them, and report them. Don't take it personal. For some folks its their fav past time, and they have nothing better to do. On anothrr note, click the "feature this" link above to make this the top story on your profile. That way folks will see it first thing ;-)

Also, I will stop coaching. Lol. Just want you to enjoy your time here.

lol I don't mind I am just glad I have another friend here lol Thank you for the words of caution :P

Anytime sister. I love this site!

I am really starting to like it too. It is kind nice to get things outta my head , even though that may not be a good thing lol

That's the idea girl! Its always a good thing. I don't share this site with facebook though, just so you know. I like to keep this "just mine", you know?

I understand that completely. I will probably keep it on the dl myself. Most def won't be telling fb about it. where will I go to hide if they all come here lol but thank you for sharing it with me. I really appeciate it.

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