Read Before Adding Us

Because of the abundance of friend request, I am adding some specific guidelines that I will Strictly adhere to. So make sure you meet all the criteria before you fan me!

1} You must have a pulse, no exceptions on this, if you don't then do not fan me!
2} Gifts are nice to wake up to and getting before going to bed, but this is not a requirement!
3} If you do not have any stories to read, then just read mine! Education is vital.
4} Photos: If you do not have any, then you may use mine! Use sparingly because I don't have many!
5} When commenting on picture or story, remember I only read English, so write accordingly, so that I understand your message!
6} If you are one of those people that don't like to look at other peoples pictures, then stay away from icon that says " See my photos" it may directly link you to the photos!
7} I am very passionate about certain things, so you understand things can be overwhelming at times!
8} I am lactating, so use caution when addressing me directly, I accept no responsibility for anything my breast do on their own!
9} If you don't like my stories, or my groups, then there is a button that says remove from circle, push it!!! Because I will not hesitate to do it to you!
10} I do not have a twin, unless split personality counts, so don't ask!

These are the terms and conditions of me accepting you as a friend. If you disagree with any of them, I would move on! If you accept,you are agreeing that Lact8nmlk is not responsible for any damages or injuries that are self inflicted, under no circumstance! She is not liable in any way for anything!
Hope to see you in my circle!
If not I probably didn't want you there anyway!

Mrs. Plzur
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1 Response Jan 23, 2013

I will NEVER hold you responsible for anything you make me do to myself OR anything you may do to me! :0 PLS added I can't wait to be your friend........