Or Skim Through It. Whatever

Greetings fellow EPlebeians,

I thought these things would be nice to know before, during, or after adding me to your oddly shaped ellipse of friends:

Even though you’ll see me online a lot, don’t expect messages or comments. I’m an introvert in real life and I’m not here to reinvent myself. I don’t mind conversation; it just doesn't captivate my interest. That doesn't mean I won’t eyeball your profile though.

I’m mostly here to goof off. If I say something that sounds absurd, looks absurd, and walks absurd, you can safely assume it’s not a duck.

I tend to lose interest in things fairly quickly. If your online antics do not amuse me, I’ll probably remove you from my circle at some point.

If you’re religious or superstitious, I will eventually get on your nerves. It’s nothing personal. I just think that stuff is stupid, and I don’t respect stupid.

Even though I'm a goofball most of the time, I’m a person too. I like writing to express myself. My content spans across my thought spectrum and delves into realms of myself that I don’t share anywhere else. So if you can’t handle honesty, amscray.

Lastly, I’m not here for cyber sex. I don’t even know what that shìt is.

Platonic admiration,
Lt. GiantKaiju of the 98th Starfleet, Ph.D
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2 Responses Jan 23, 2013

I read this before I think ;),..I have the same reasons as you :P haha

"oddly shaped ellipse of friends" captures my EP experience perfectly. i had the feeling you weren't commenting or messaging me; now i know why. and i'm happy keeping you around for amusement.