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About Me. Wrote on 9/13/07

Hi my name is Kirsten Jessie Coahran.

I went to a Georgetown public school. I didn’t get much help from Deaf Ed teacher. It was always hard to hear in a classroom, when animals play in there cage, people talking so loud, air vents, all the sounds go into my hearing aid, which makes it hard to hear anyone.

This all happen because people don’t understand how to teach deaf people and they need to. Reading lips are very important for hard of hearing people, even for deaf people. No matter how hard I tried to listen to the teacher it just made it more difficult to understand. I tended to fail most of my classes. My mom and dad started to get very worried about my education. I couldn’t hear anyone so I couldn’t learn.

When I started 6th grade I had to go into English as a second language class (ESL). All the students in the class spoke Spanish as a first language and they were learning English. This was fine with me. Because they knew some words. I could talk with them, they became my friends. One day I went to the library, I stayed with my group of friends and check out some Spanish books. That’s when my parents got very concerned about me.

My parents struggled with the school and asked and asked for me to get more help. Which Georgetown schools never listen. So my mom and dad took (GISD) Georgetown Independent School District to court. We fought and fought and finial we lost. The school won. Mom and dad did not feel right, having to fight to be able to get education for their daughter.

A few months later my parents found out about (TSD) Texas school for the Deaf! And the classes for deaf and hard of hearing students. So finial I started at TSD on January of my 6th grade year. We’ll when I started there I didn’t know any sign language. Which turned out it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. To learn a whole another language and a new world. I started meeting people who became loads of friends. I started to get involved sports I joined the TSD volleyball team I love volleyball its fun to jump slam the ball, and be able to talk with my friends more. Got invlvoed in plays (grease, and ghost among us)

I was so happy at TSD, because I was learning many new things that I’d never dreamed of. But I am not dreaming this is reality some changes are meant to be. I love changes. My grades were going up and were almost always B’s. Finial one day no more failing classes what a life. My heart said that I am in a place where I can learn, and this is a place where I was meant to be. Being a part of the deaf community it is just an honor. It’s great to finally fit in! I graduated june 4th 2010

after a few months later i decided to put my career choice as a hairstylist (thinking that having a deaf hairstylist would be awesome) . I had fight my way through to look for a beauty school, and every school i tried turn me down or didn't even respond, once i told them "i am deaf". People get so afraid to even try and they dont see how amazing people we all are. That we shouldnt be judged by our cover.

The moment i walk in to in avenue five I was in love with the school, the teachers were so understanding and had so much energy, i knew from that moment that this place was meant to be! They were willing to help me in anyway to make sure that i understood what was going on, sure there were times where it was hard to hear, when blow dryers were on, or ac went on, or everyone talking at once, but i eventually found a way to cope with it. I graduated from Avenue Five on October 19, 2012

I have learned that i love doing updo's and creating whatever the hair wants to do, of course haircutting and coloring is important too. I love learning something new everyday thats what keeps my energy up and making my clients happy and me happy! I might not hear well but i have wonderful speech and i can read lips and i sign, i am a outgoing person once u get to know me. I am currently working on trying to pass the written exam, but for now i am gonna get my shampoo license and i would like to work and be apart of a salon, so i can get more involved and keep up with my motivation.

I am so thankful for my family and friends to be by my side helping me and guiding me. I have so many people looking up to me not just in the deaf community but the hearing too, they cant wait to see what i can do. Even though people say I'm not hearing enough or I'm not deaf enough, i am who i am! I am glad to be apart of both worlds, i call that a miracle.
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