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Before Contacting Me.

I'm pretty open-minded and generally willing to talk about anything. However,

1. I'm not exactly opposed to, but also not interested in "adult" conversation. If that is the ONLY thing you want to talk about, find someone else.

2. You can talk to me about anything that isn't illegal and I will keep it in confidence, but I draw the line if I think you are a danger to someone in your life. I have no problem reporting people who abuse their children.

3. I will always be courtious when speaking to you, I expect the same in return.

4. I am happy in my relationship. If you're looking for love, look somewhere else.

5. There will be times when I do not respond to a message straight away, even if we were in the middle of converstaion. Please don't take offence at this, I probably just had to teach and I didn't come back online afterwards.

I guess they are the main things.

If you want to continue, nice to meet you.
AAJames AAJames 22-25, M Feb 11, 2013

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