Yeah, PLEASE READ; tired of getting those who don't. I edit this every few months or so to reflect how this place changes (which is a lot it seems). 1. Not looking for a "hook up" or to give out my number or stuff like kik, skype, etc. Trust me when I say I've had a lot of crazy men abuse my good will with that. My s-x life is okay outside of here, so I don't need that kinda validation; and also I don't always like talking on the phone unless its someone that can engage me with a really good conversation.

2. I'm not a fan/friend collector and I add and delete indiscriminately. I do read profiles before I decide to add anyone, which is rare these days since the bulk of who tries to add me has a ton of nked people as friends or adult/mature groups they're apart of. NOPE. You like s-x, that's fine, me too. BUT that's not what I'm here for. If that's your thing, find others who enjoy the same thing. Duh. I REALLY am here to just write out my experiences.

3. I'm not hyper religious or really conservative. I support LGBT rights and I am a proud ally. I'm pro-choice in addition to lots of liberal causes. If that's not your thing, don't add me. I won't side step my conscience, I don't care if you're a good human being other wise, or we get along. My good friend and his HUSBAND have helped me in more ways than you can imagine, they are family to me. To say you hate them is a slap in my face; no amount of pseudo BS scientific "facts" debunked by scientists btw and scriptures from a book of mythology will change how I feel. I love them, so tough $hit. I see you're a homophobe and you're kicked to the curb.

4. I love music, like honestly. Probably a good starter question with me is 'what music do I enjoy' or 'what's the last album you listened to'. It's better than "Hi" or "Hello".

5. I also like food and cooking, a lot.

6. I suffer from severe depression, OCD, anxiety, borderline personality disorder and the occasional panic attack. I'm always up for discussing things. I can help and will listen to best of my ability, but I rather not be dependent on for your happiness. It sounds mean but its honest- in the end only you can make you happy, that's something I had to learn myself.

7. It's best you read my full list of experiences to get a better feel for who I am. The end? I don't know how to close stuff like this..
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God, I pretty much TOLD people what I was about, and bigots still want to add me. What, do they think I was going to happily side step my conscience while they go around and preach hate? Hell no! READ the STORY FIRST.

I enjoyed reading several of your experiences. I think we have a lot in common. You have a powerful style of writing that shows a lot of personality. I added you to my circle and hope we can be friends.

Can I make a point again that there's nothing for nudists or people who have private adult things to share on here, I'm not after you. I'm after and directed my grivances towards the pervs, predators and a**holes who think its their right to send **** pics to new female members or try to add some of us who make it their business to shy away from the sex stuff and just want to discuss everything but sex. I make it clear that if thats all you want, there are places for that. AGAIN, I DONT CARE what you do, just keep it in your own little circles, okay? Okay.

Love it.

The amount of times I have posted things on my profile telling people that I AM NOT here for sex is one of the most frustrating things I have experiences on this site seeing as so many men ignore it.

Can't say I understand why they would because of your age. Just block them as much as you can.

I think they just notice I am female and pounce on the message button.

Not all of us are looking for sex some of us like me are lonely and looking for real love and a honest relationship.

I have never really been bothered by those kind of men. I'm guessing most of the bad people are straight men then. Sorry you have to deal with them constantly on here.

Not all of us are looking for sex some of us like me are lonely and looking for real love and a honest relationship.

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When I closed my little constitution I just gave a link to my "50 things about me story" so if someone doesn't want to look through all my profile then they could just click the link to learn a thing or two about me.

Well hun, I doubt anyone reads anything here..but thats a good idea, thanks.