1. People on here call me Zuzu, which is a shortened form of my real name that very few people know. You can either call me that or anything else, I don't mind!

2. I'd like it if you actually looked at my profile. That'd be nice. I don't post a bunch of things for no reason.

3. If you haven't spoken to me at all prior to adding me, I may just ignore your add. Sorry! But I like to keep my circle friends only, and I have a pretty strict outlook on the word "friend".

4. Once you do weasel your way into my circle, it'd be nice if you kept up the contact. 'Cause like... it does get lonely, and like I said, I like to keep my circle friends only.

5. Only that special someone can call me "Poo" or "Poopsicle". o.o That nickname is off-limits to the likes of you, peasant.

6. I'm a nice person. I promise.

7. Sometimes, I ramble about whatever is on my mind. It shouldn't bother you, and you might just find it somewhat interesting, but I just thought I'd give you the heads-up.

8. I'm a captain of a pirate crew called the Nuterellah pirates. Once you're in my circle, you're part of this crew.

9. I can be hyper and all over the place some days, serious some days, depressing some days, and also really introverted other days. I am like, the ultimate introvert. Hence, I may not always be completely chatty or into the conversation.

10. I am an awkward panda.

11. I love pandas.

12. I love manga, anime and video games. Please do talk to me about that. Particularly anything Nintendo-related.

13. Pervs and creeps, stay away. I also refuse to associate with trees.

14. I often make up words like "piffleshit", etc. It shouldn't be difficult to decipher, but just a heads-up.

15. I'm weird.

16. If we're going to be friends, we're going to be THE BESTEST FRIENDS EVAR!!

If you want to know more message me or read this: EP Link

Yeah, I think that's about it... Pleased to make your acquaintance. o.o

If you read it, leave a heart or a comment or something so I know you read it.

Thank you. <3

ThatAwkwardPanda x
ThatAwkwardPanda ThatAwkwardPanda
2 Responses Aug 19, 2014

:O Whutehv'z yew say poop'tatoe!!

I wuv yew, Timster. (>^¬^)>


I love you poopsicle, I forgot about all my worries for a minute <3
I'm a Nuterellah!! Yayy!!

Yes, you are. O: You can be my right-hand woman.

I can be your left-hand woman too. Cuz I is da awesomesauce ;P

You can be my right-foot woman while you're at it.

Haha.. No thanks :3

O: Up to you, but that's an amazing opportunity you're missin' out on.

Hm.. It sounds promising.. I'LL TAKE IT! :D *flashes wide grin*


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