my name is sonia. i have a lot of interests but i wont share them unless we talk. no perverts and if you send me something weird i wont respond. simple as that >_>
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Just dropping a quick comment - I am really impressed by your clear boundaries, and also that you deliver them in a respectful way.

Good for you! Hope you're enjoying EP. :-)

What is weird to you? Might not be to me. I think the fact that you are even on this site and so young is pretty much weird, don't you?

i am fifteen and i have seen younger. i guess anything vaguely sexual or of that nature is a bit weird. especially from people older than me.

Sorry, most people here on this site have shoes older than you. Most all my friends here I have are older. Don't tell them I think their much older. I understand anything sexual would seem pretty weird for a girl with little sexual experience. Maybe EP is not the best place for you.

i know that ive seen it. i also know that there are people on here who arent dominated by sex so ill hold out to find them. this isnt a site for hookups and sex but people just think it is. even though there are friendly people there will always be that side. nah ill take my chances.

You are wise beyond your years. You'll be OK here as long as you remember not to take anything personal.

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