My About Me....

I would be honored to have you in my circle.


However, there are some things you should know b4 u add me, I tell this to everyone, who wants to be friends with me.


I am bisexual, I am in a relationship, we have our problems from time to time, like any other young couple out there, but I Love him, and he is my other half, and I will not allow anyone on Ep to ruin it for me, so if you are just adding to me, to have cyber sex with me, or what not, go the **** away., but still, i have one, and he is also on ep.


i suffer from depression, and bipolar disorder. sometimes, i get in the mood, when i am not in the mood to talk to anyone, and its nothing againt you. its just how I am, and i want u to know that b4 u add me.


i am very active on this site, since i currently don't have a job. I have an Ep mother, *SweetCityWoman* I have an EP dad, *He keeps changing his names, right now, its Equinis* I have an EP Daughter, *andersonles* I have too many Ep brother and sister to keep track of, and also EP aunts and Uncles.


Basically EP is my life!!! I spend most of my days here, unless I am with my boyfriend.


My home life is rough. I have been sexually abused, I have been abused in every way imangiable. I am a slave in my house. I plan on getting out soon, but for now, I am stuck here, since I am not working.


If you want to add me after all this, than I will leave it up to you.


Also one more thing, when I get really depressed, I tend to remove people from my circle, thinking its best for them. it has nothing to do with anyone, its just how I am I guess.


Hugs. Hope you understand.


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I hope things work out so you can get out of that house. No one should have to put up with any type of abuse. Good luck.

One word:COOL!

You may add me if you like you seem very honest

Can completely relate to the whole depression nightmare. And while all of the "natural remedies" may work for some, if they don't - consider medication. It saves lives! I know it made me (for the most part) a new person. Of course there is lots more to THAT story. I applaud your honesty. You seem like a great writer.

Try not to be too hard on yourself. Today things are so hard for you youngsters. It must be terribly confusing and frustrating. I'm kinda of an older ole guy who has been around the block sexually, professionally, and about every other way and can say speaking from experience if you try to roll with some of things you feel tearing you down you get through it and WILL find a nitch that fits you perfectly.<br />
Explore your emotions, stay of the psycho drugs, be bi-polar, bi-sexual, bi-anything you feel. Its all about what you'll discover the next day. Be good to yourself. You are a good person and don;t believe other wise. <br />
My wife is a very very close friend of mine and it made a huge difference in my emotional being and hers. Surround yourself with those who are truly your friends. <br />
We both have our fetishes and fortunately they are the same. We love to cut each others hair and its where we get extreme and it seems to make everything else ok if that makes any sense playing being an important part of our life. We want you to be o.k we want you to be happy. What is your passion? Find one and live for it. You sound like a very special lady.

Ive got a lovly bunch of cocanuts

Great to see some positive vibes passing this way. I have read all that stuff about Omega - 3 I think it's more to do with fish oils because I read somewhere that by buying and taking fish oils you replenish the Omega - 3 in your system. This has the effect of increasing serotonin levels plus it's better than taking stuff like Prozac and mood stabilizers. I've found that mood stabilizers pile on the weight anyway and that's no good for self-esteem.<br />
Excercise or complete a task. Have a list of things you want to do that are positive and make you feel good. Helping others usually increases self-esteem and serotonin levels. Read a good book or listen to positive power-ballads or emo-rock. That'll clear the mind of unwanted thoughts. Jimmyu Eats World will sort you out (probably)<br />
<br />
Anyway, good luck and if you want to chat message me!

Eek, i never read this before adding you! And after reading it... I still think you're just as awesome as i always have! Glad to have a good friend like you angelwriter! :)

I have Bipolar 2. When I get depressed, I remove my circle of friends in real life, including my lover. Then when I feel better, we're back together again. It's a wonder he hasn't left me.<br />
<br />
Thank you for your honesty. <br />
<br />
Sending warm thoughts to you.

Appreciate your honesty. And I have been down the depression road. So if you ever need anything I am usually here.<br />
I am leaving for a bit to go to a medical screening........

i understand that and i am sorry to hear about your home life but to me home is where you feel safe so I'm guessing in my mind your home would be EP... I'm truly sorry to hear about you "home" but glad to hear that you have a boyfriend and its going places. honesty is rarely came across on the internet so i honor that... i would love to be in your circle

i understand that and i am sorry to hear about your home life but to me home is where you feel safe so I'm guessing in my mind your home would be EP... I'm truly sorry to hear about you "home" but glad to hear that you have a boyfriend and its going places. honesty is rarely came across on the internet so i honor that... i would love to be in your circle

*Pound pound pound*<br />
<br />
*pound pound pound*<br />
<br />
Okay there are two nails through my profile and attaching it on to yours.<br />
<br />
Think that I will glue it also.<br />
<br />
For I have been your friend through so much so far and I am not planning on leaving just yet, now if you remove me. I will still live in your head trying to get you to add me again.<br />
<br />
MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!<br />
<br />
So glad that you are in my circle ALY and will not dis-miss you off cause of who you are.

i would happily add you if you would take me, i'm Bisexual myself too, and i think i might be bipolar too i'm not sure...but if you would take me it would be my honour to have you as a friend :)

I read this and I'm sorry to hear that you've been abused. I hope you don't remove me from your circle because I'd love to chat with you on here. I'm really good for advice or just a friend to lean on so don't hesitate to ask!<br />
<br />
Hope to here more of you on here = )

Aw hon I'd love to be your friend ,you can throw me out as often as you like.

honesty is so rare yet so cherised

Hi alwayslovingyou. i have read ur story n am greatful that i have. i suffer with depression n have bin in very dark places @ times and have learnt that bein open n honest about hw u feel is very important. so id like 2 say well done 4 opening up so much. i read the msg u had off elensrre, n wow thats alot of positive information, u should save that and read it in bite sizes 2 help u digest it!!!<br />
I wld love 2 b your friend n will not be offended if u delete me. i will jst av 2 reaply,lol!!<br />
i am always here n wld love 2 chat n e time.<br />
*HUGS*<br />

aaaaaaaawwwwwwwww<br />

ya, ep is whr u can be urself; just lay it out as it is.<br />
<br />
3 action steps:<br />
1)for depression, exercise, eat some omega-3 food(raw wild salmon marinate with lemon juice/ raw organic eggs in raw honey/lemon; alternate days)<br />
lazy t cook like me; can survive fine on spirulina(certified organic from india)/chorella tablets(certified organic from japan)-3 meals a day!one research was done on a gentleman who lived very well for 7 years jst on these suprfoods!<br />
<br />
additional changes u ca make to b an in control:<br />
How to find happiness through colour, diet and visualisation excerpt from ROSALIND RYAN,<br />
<br />
Eating the right foods can change your moods<br />
Experts say that being optimistic can help you live longer and fight off infections and illness.<br />
4action steps now: to give yourself an instant happiness health boost.<br />
<br />
CLOTHES:Wear something yellow<br />
Colour therapy is a growing area in alternative medicine. Colour therapists believe we are drawn to certain colours because they can help improve different areas of our physical and mental wellbeing.<br />
Sue Shattock, a yoga teacher and colour healer, says each colour has a certain wavelength. These wavelengths can be used for different benefits. For example, red has the longest and warmest wavelength of any other colour, which is why red light is often used to warm us up.<br />
To help raise your happiness levels, Sue suggests wearing something yellow/gold (scarf/tie). She believes that yellow is associated with sunshine, light and joy, naturally boosting your happiness and health levels.<br />
If you cannot find a yellow item of clothing, like a top or skirt, small accents of yellow are just as effective. A bright yellow scarf, tie, gloves or hat cannot fail to lift the spirits on a gloomy winter's morning!<br />
<br />
FOOD:Eat some protein, Omega 3<br />
<br />
Studies have now discovered that we can actually change our attitudes and moods with the foods we eat.Julia Ross, psychotherapist and a nutritional therapist, says that many of our low moods are caused by a serotonin deficiency in our brains.<br />
<br />
Serotonin is the chemical responsible for making you feel positive, confident and relaxed. If you are deficient in this chemical, you are more likely to feel negative, worried, obsessive and lacking in confidence.<br />
<br />
Julia believes that by eating foods that help boost our serotonin levels, you can correct the chemical imbalance in the brain, giving you a happiness boost.<br />
<br />
Foods do not contain serotonin itself but another important chemical called tryptophan. Tryptophan is an amino acid. The body converts tryptophan into 5-HTP - a variation of tryptophan - which is then turned into serotonin by the brain.<br />
Tryptophan enriched foods are high protein foods such as lamb (free range, grass eating; not mass farm produced), fish (from unpolluted sea,wild salmon for omega 3; not fish farm reared), birds(pigeon), chicken(free range,organic) and raw organic(free range) eggs. <br />
<br />
Daily recommendation four ounces of protein at every meal - a chicken breast sized portion three times a day - to boost their serotonin levels.<br />
<br />
For vegetarians, almond-lecithin granules-black/yellow soya bean drink is useful.<br />
There are various type of blender machine which blends whole grains to a very fine state and for the case of soya drink, also heats them up simultaneously.thus ready to drink direct from the blender flask without additional work of sifthing through husks,pulp n boiling over a controlled temperature.<br />
<br />
CUT OUT JUNK:Avoid certain 'diet' foods<br />
Nutritional therapist Julia Ross says it is no good trying to boost your serotonin levels using nutrition, if you are also eating foods which rob you of the same mood-enhancing chemical.<br />
These are largely diet foods containing altered/processed food/ artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, white sugar,heated-processed honey(not all pure honey is equal).Go for raw honey/ blackstrap molasses.<br />
One of the key ingredients in aspartame is an amino acid called phenylalanine. Our bodies convert phenylalanine into the stimulating brain chemicals tyrosine, dopamine, norepinephrine and adrenaline.<br />
These chemicals compete with tryptophan and serotonin in the body, and ultimately they win, further depleting your serotonin levels. This makes you feel more unhappy.<br />
Julia recommends avoiding foods containing aspartame after lunch to avoid producing the stimulating chemicals and to help your serotonin levels regulate themselves.<br />
<br />
CUT OUT JUNK:throw /give away(some may want to sell off!) extras/unused clothes<br />
<br />
<br />
Create some 'internal' sunshine<br />
Ben Renshaw, co-director of the Happiness Project, says many of his clients associate sunshine with feeling happy.<br />
This may be because when we think about sunshine, we often imagine lying on a beach somewhere, feeling totally relaxed. Ben says using this mental imagery can make you react as if you really are in the situation you have created. So, if your image warm, relaxed and happy, you will be sunny!<br />
The following visualisation technique to create your own internal sunshine.<br />
1. Sit somewhere comfortable. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to start to relax. <br />
2. Picture a big silver movie screen in your mind. Project an image of your favourite beach/tropical paradise onto the screen. <br />
3. Visualise the deep blue-turquoise sea, hear the sound of the waves and feel the warmth of the sun on your skin. <br />
4. Notice what you are wearing, the relaxation you are feeling and the calm smile on your face. <br />
5. Freeze the fr<x>ame, sink into the image and enjoy! <br />
Whenever you need a quick boost, just picture the sun shining in your mind.<br />
6. Now imagine your fingers holding a string attached to a red balloon. u r holding the string tightly. this red balloon signify people/ circumstances giving u hard time/ stress. u may need 4, 5, or ten red balloons in ur situation.<br />
7.As you name each balloon(as per the persons/ circumstances which embarrass/incite feelings of bitterness/hatred,negative felings,etc), let the string go free. u r now letting go of, relinquishing (releasing/ forgiving/ forgetting what is behind to move ahead in life) that situation so that the person/circumstances(past/present/future worries) does not have a hold/control on u anymore.<br />
8.Repeat the same for all the red balloons in your hands.As u let go each one, breathe out and bless them wherever they r and say a simple prayer of thanks that all is well now; getting better. Most importantly, u take back control of all situations in your life(above n over circumstances& not under the circumstances!)<br />
<br />
b blessed.<br />
<br />
Read more:<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br /><br />
<br />
<br />
2)get out of that vicious abuse cycle;change of mindset to attrac the things u want in life<br />
<br />
katherine woodward thomas<br /><br /><br />
<br /> <br />
<br /> <br />
<br /> <br />
<br /> <br />
<br />
3)surround urself with POSITIVE vibes by mixing with happy, positive, non-judgemental ppl, upbeat happy music/ lyrics which gives hope, watch happy positive movies, feed ur mind with as much good news(leave readg the daily newspaper/online news to end of day!).<br />
focs on what u WANT; not the past, not how that jerk/ ***** mistreated u. u have every reasn to hate, but that will not bring u to receive ur due in this world.they r wanted fr their misdeeds on their day of reckoning, u will not even waste any of ur precos moments worryg on their behalf as u hv so much living t do, n HAPP, Beautiful memories to creae Now!<br />
<br />
i) watch mind movie/ can also download free pre-made movies from their website<br />
ii) watch subliminal movi also fm their webl<x>ink<br />
iii) listen to good things only; reprogram ur mind with what u deisre; use proven system by Steve g Jones.<br /><br />
<br />
iv)get all the good prayers fromworld reknown resources:<br /><br />, stella@, evangeline@, samuel@,sweety@,<br />
<br /><br />
<br /><br />
<br />
be blessed from now on!<br />
do drop me a line

You are one incredible young women.... I love your openness, your honesty and your kind heart. I'm glad you have came into my life......<br />
I hope you don't delete me .... I would be sad.... :(<br />

i understand how you feel.I'm a lil bipolar myself

AlwayslovingYou sorry to hear about all the stuff your going through right now. I just wanted to say I appreciate you saying that if you remove people as fans that it has nothing to do with that person. Cause well I am insecure and so it is nice to know that. It's nice to see people being honest.

Its nice to see people on EP that are honest and true to themselves. So many who try to be fake or something they are not. The world would be a better place if we all were more real and honest with each other.