Very Heartbroken

i am going to be a bit sappy and strange for a bit.  i am sad and grief is driving the car for a bit. it will pass but i need to wallow a bit for now. so excuse the sap and drama for now


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sometimes the best way to heal our hearts is to embrace the pain for a bit.... feel it, accept it, and move forward. xo

yeah it's true.....speechless

Everything happens for a reason, and while this isn't much comfort, and probably annoying to hear, it's important to remember. I have had many moments of grief and pain in my life. I have days where I still struggle to move forward, but I try to keep in mind that the moments of greatest beauty and peace in my life have often been proceeded by pain and darkness. It's in those moments of darkness where strength is born.<br />
<br />
Do your best not to shut yourself off from the world to avoid the pain and you will find yourself open to the beauty when it arrives..... and it will. No darkness lasts forever. Until then, take all the love and healing thoughts that are sent your way and hold them close to you.

I'm heartbroken too.<br />
But let us both have enough to strength to pick ourselves off the floor and. Get back up to a point where we can be free from this drama and heartache. <br />
<br />
Best of luck to you. And if you start moving on and you have any advice for me please share it, I could use it.

IS your bd, its your bd two, indeed we gona git down, indeed hardly wait? ;-)

Three simpple words: TIME HEALS ALL<br />
<br />
Three more: HANG IN THERE


Yes, yeh,&amp;who ah.

acknowledge your heartbreak but don't let it define you.

Its me and not you

Oh-me too! Me too! I can't write about it yet-I'm in too much pain. There are irritating details (another man from another country), but maybe I'll be able to write about it soon. Yes, and I certainly hope you feel better soon


Definitey been there. hope you feel better soon and happier times are on the horizon for you. Thanks for commenting on my story too.


Its hard to say what you really feel or think until you truly understand it, but by the time you get there it is hardly a problem anymore as you would have come most of the way to a solution by then. You do have a problem, so therefore it will be difficult to explain it accurately. I could recommend starting small, try looking up people's questions and looking for the ones most like your own, add comments and questions to theirs and watch how your understanding of your own problems become clearer because of the fresh perspective that you have gained through them.

What, www aol lol, &amp; WE DAT?

Oh man I went on a rant and deleted it. Look, I know how you feel. Can't talk about it yet, like you need to on this one knows anyone, that is why you get to say what you want. I don't know anybody here personally and that's the way I want it. So just spill your problems. We are all cyber friends here afterall.


WHAT? DID I MISS SOMETHING HERE? I WAS WAITING TO HEAR THE STORY .....AND THEN YOU JUST STOPPED....oh this where I am supposed to shut up and just listen ? ok I will... sorry.

True one very indeen, in need, plant a good seed?

Good luck, been there, done that, didn't care for the tee shirt.

Indeen, in need, seen been sweet? £®&lt;€