What to Think About If You Want to Add Bluegrass!

Sometimes when I added a man to my friends, they replied they are not here for dating.  Me neither! I think its fine and dandy to have friends who are of both gender.  

I am not a prude and have a pretty active imagination generally and am open-minded.  I have no view of group sex/your nudity because I am indifferent to it as its not sexy to me - sorry.  

I am not interested in being friends with people who just are only interested in telling me they are nudists/show their willy on the beach/letting everyone know about their wife's naked photos/their wife being topless/group sex bores/sex with insects/etc.   Sex is incredibly important but I do not need to know that you go around the house with nothing on - yawn. 

Cybersex is sex?!?  It aint sexy.

And no, knowing you like to defecate or urinate in your underwear to get sexual kicks is ... enlightening.  I am not judging you (much).  But we have nothing in common.

I do really value witty people, original people and fun folk.  People who write well are fabulous.  I love to share Shakespeare, art and millions of things.  

I am a confessions nazi and will flag and block.

I like to have a laugh but also be very serious a few minutes later.   

I'm pretty busy with much to do in real life and don't always go here often but that doesn't mean I don't value all my friends here.

Now I really sound like a school-marm!  *takes off spectacles and lets hair tumble down*

Bluegrass Bluegrass
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What a lovely avatar.... Allmost. A GOREAN pose

This made me LOL! its so true

I wanted to add you because of your name. Now I want to add you because I love your writing. Totally agree with everything you said here.

Id like to add u but im a new zealander and that probably disqualifies me. Hi anyway!

LOL!<br />
<br />
*BlueG and Sylph dances the maya... left... then to the right... going down... and up...and down again... ooohhh* ....... this is my favorite!

*dances figure of eight!*

I really like this part...<br />
"I do really value witty people, original people and fun folk. People who write well are fabulous. I love to share Shakespeare, art and millions of things".<br />
<br />
*Sylph bounces with BlueG...hair tumbling up and down...stops...and shimmies* .... Oh yeah... ;)

Cheers! <br />
Sailor: I put my hair up again for you. *fixes tresses*

Nice post bluegrass. I couldn't agree more!

Hmmmmm.....<br />
<br />
*glazed look*<br />
<br />
You never put your hair back up....

OK, true! But its pretty immature drama. I want to play with the grown-ups.

c8L, thank you. I enjoy your writing and your responses, often given with a fresh angle and food for thought. Look forward to getting to know you better, too! Anti-pervs unite!

It is refreshing to come across someone who openly says they are not into the cybersex / kinky stuff so many weirdos get into these days.<br />
<br />
You invited me to your circle so I'm guessing you like my writing or the subjects I discuss.<br />
<br />
I'm looking forward to getting to know you better

I feel empowered!


Thank you! *Puts on school-marm spectacles again and looks stern*

There still are really interesting and fun folk here. Avoid the drama llamas and we can paaarty. Facebook is useful for keeping in touch but full of trivia which can be swamping; lets go for quality on EP and life!

Just apply block! By acknowledging them; it could get them off!

Well said Bluegrass! Theres alot to be said for keeping some things to yourself about way too personal stuff that I'm sure you could find a much more appropiate forum to display it upon, like maby Playboy or ring a Call Me 0055 No. <br />
It's great there are people with something interesting to say and whom can say it with flare, I too enjoy good, humorous,entertaining and witty conversation. I closed my face book account after becoming so disallusioned with so much drival and useless crap.

HappySailor: yep, get out that scrubbing brush immediately. I will have to inspect you afterwards.<br />
Kitten: absolutely! It makes me wonder if their lives are totally boring!<br />
GoldNightStar: I so wish they would do that but you never know, they might write a sex story about that!!!

You took the words right out of my mouth! Some folks are so pathetically facinated with their own {self} that they will NEVER consider it possible that everyone is not impaired in the same manner. Why don't they just go an jump into a sewer up to their necks and leave this site alone?

TOOO LATE!!!<br />
<br />
You were in my circle LONG before this story!<br />
<br />
I guess I'm going to have to clean up my act now!<br />