Some Things You May Want to Know B4 You Add Me to Your Friends' List

I get the same questions lately over and over again so let me address some things upfront.

First, a few people ask me if I am a real person and/or if I have really experienced so many things so let’s set the record straight.  YES, I am a real person and many of my EP friends have met me in real life and/or were brought here by me from my real life.  I am a real, normal female person.   Yes, I have had a lot of experiences in my lifetime. The stories I share are true with few exceptions.  Those exceptions are some of my short stories which are fictional but are either fantasies of mine and/or are taken from my real life and are told from my point of view of how the events unfolded.

I do not always reply to public comments left on my Whiteboard or group gestures nor do I respond to random requests to chat or send photos; there are simply too many for me to keep up with so I don't even try anymore.  If I want you to have pictures of me I will offer, otherwise it is a waste of your time to ask.   If you find this offensive I apologize, but if so, you may not want to add me as your friend. 

I don't like boring chit chat so if you are new and you have the urge to ask me if I'm naked right now or if I'm feeling h*rny then I suggest you don’t.  I will either ignore your request or reply in a manner that may shock you and certainly will not titillate you.  Once I get to know a person I don’t mind discussing any topic but I'm not here to entertain strangers or children.  I am here to interact with adults only, who take the time to get to know me for the real person I am. 

I do love interacting with others through PM so if you send me a private message I will reply although it may take me a while as I get a lot of messages. 

My favorite thing on Experience Project however is reading & writing stories.  This includes EROTICA!  If you find this offensive, again you may not want to add me to your circle.   I have a lot of stories and I don’t expect you to read them all.  I try to read my friends’ stories but I don’t always get around to everyone on my circle.  If you have a story you think I would find interesting then PM it to me and I will read it otherwise I use the tools on EP to reach as many as I can with the limited time I have available in a day. I may or may not always get around to reading your stories. 

These are all things that you should know before you add me to your circle.  If you have no problems with any of these then go ahead and click that add button.


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Not really true, but thanks for saying it.

yes, I enjoy talking to you. you are a nice man.

Stoney: Yes. I agree with FG.

Don't you always SM? It is hard to disagree with perfection.

I'm thinking you have both had a glass too far.

True. I'm sober and I bit scared. I was watching a really scary movie.

I am sorry.

Thanks Steamer. It is not an intrusion if we have invited you to read it by posting here. Thanks for reading it.

I've been reading the comments to this post and I understood that you really have a rich social life.... good for you... since I don't know if I can be interesting enough to meet your expectations I won't ask the permission to add you as a friend... that doesn't keep me from expressing great admiration for the person you seem to be! Thanks for the minute dedicated to this short lecture.... you're right, english is not my first language... everybody can notice it seeing my funky synthacs, some consider it charming, my wife for example... oh, no.... nor spanish!

:) thanks for your comment.

You certainly are interesting and EP entertaining. Will have to read more about you!

Thanks jthehuman,.

Thats very wise, setting a straight course right at the start of the voyage



Smiles back

be who you are and do U.....with that there is no explanation needed....

Thank you soulsign

Wow, love how it's straight to the point!! Definitely glad I added you lol :P


Pretty streight forward and too the point. Your interesting. If you have time add me, would like to be friends and no childess banter. reading all your stories.


I do not focus on your stories alone FG. . . I love to have varieties in my shelf, to my favorites. And as I go along I also find few but great, expressing their hearts out about how the world is outside EP. Nevertheless I read and enjoy your stories whenever I come across with one of them

I admire just how you choose your Words, being consistent to the Personality you are. The cleverness and flirtiness. The vividness of your words expressing the thoughts. How you become a ***** to some of your works . . .yet you never forget to paint your words the color of warmth the last moment. I just wish I could have the time to read all your beautiful works. I started to join EP year 2009 of summer and tried exploring the site for a couple of month. Then went to " vacation " mode. Then had the chance to go back late last year of winter. . . and it is this year that I finaly had the chance to enjoy EP exploring some of the great works published. . . by persons like you, fungirlmmm.

Thank you so much for your words. There are so many beautiful persons here that share their hearts and bare their souls day in and day out. I am glad that you have chosen to read what I write. It means the world to me. Again thank you.

Ur so rite tell it like it is is always best & if they don't like it aw

Love the way you express your boundaries;

clear, and backed up by appropriate action.

Anyone who tries to mess with you gets what they deserve.

I have no trouble with that stuff,

but I'm not an attractive mark for it.

Actually that's one of the great blessings of growing older.

People become fascinating for who they are,

and we can learn to love in non-sexual ways.

Thank you

Thank you for your comments.

Personally, I appreciate a woman who is upfront and open about what is and is not acceptable. One thing I agree with you on is the personal questions and requests that some men spout off with. Give those guys a dirty magazine and a hand towel; they will spend a few minutes with their erotic dreams and then crawl back into their their little dark corner. Myself, I am a man who enjoys the company of a woman that is open and honest with me. Regardless of the expectations, or activities during the time together, I still enjoy the company. Having nude or suggestive photos or wanting to know about someone's state of dress or undress is not living in reality. Reality is actually meeting be it online or in person. Look forward to reading your future stories and comments.

Thanks PCH.

Nothing like being a month late to the party!

Well stated and understood! Oh My I need to get a picture of my 'puppy" for you! arf arf !

since I am 100% sure we will never meet in person, let me just thank you now for your entertaining, thou somewhat arousing articles. Close your eyes Grannie!

good for you. hope we can be friends and chat some time.