Some Things You May Want to Know B4 You Add Me to Your Friends' List

I get the same questions lately over and over again so let me address some things upfront.

First, a few people ask me if I am a real person and/or if I have really experienced so many things so let’s set the record straight.  YES, I am a real person and many of my EP friends have met me in real life and/or were brought here by me from my real life.  I am a real, normal female person.   Yes, I have had a lot of experiences in my lifetime. The stories I share are true with few exceptions.  Those exceptions are some of my short stories which are fictional but are either fantasies of mine and/or are taken from my real life and are told from my point of view of how the events unfolded.

I do not always reply to public comments left on my Whiteboard or group gestures nor do I respond to random requests to chat or send photos; there are simply too many for me to keep up with so I don't even try anymore.  If I want you to have pictures of me I will offer, otherwise it is a waste of your time to ask.   If you find this offensive I apologize, but if so, you may not want to add me as your friend. 

I don't like boring chit chat so if you are new and you have the urge to ask me if I'm naked right now or if I'm feeling h*rny then I suggest you don’t.  I will either ignore your request or reply in a manner that may shock you and certainly will not titillate you.  Once I get to know a person I don’t mind discussing any topic but I'm not here to entertain strangers or children.  I am here to interact with adults only, who take the time to get to know me for the real person I am. 

I do love interacting with others through PM so if you send me a private message I will reply although it may take me a while as I get a lot of messages. 

My favorite thing on Experience Project however is reading & writing stories.  This includes EROTICA!  If you find this offensive, again you may not want to add me to your circle.   I have a lot of stories and I don’t expect you to read them all.  I try to read my friends’ stories but I don’t always get around to everyone on my circle.  If you have a story you think I would find interesting then PM it to me and I will read it otherwise I use the tools on EP to reach as many as I can with the limited time I have available in a day. I may or may not always get around to reading your stories. 

These are all things that you should know before you add me to your circle.  If you have no problems with any of these then go ahead and click that add button.


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I haven't been on here long but I like you, I find you a lot like I am, sensual, kind and caring with a bit of humor. I won't meet with anyone because I'm with my bf now but if I were on my own like I was last year I might have met with someone on here if he lived close but I would be very careful.

Thanks KC

hi new here and don't really know you i have read some of your stories and what you say is right, hate it when people judge a book by it's cover. anyway won't ramble any more take care and keep writing.

I found you a very interesting person,<br />
Most of the stuff I like<br />
You are in it, I really don't<br />
Criticize people but I always like<br />
Follow my instinct wich is telling me<br />
You are a good caring person I haven't requested you<br />
Cuz I can't lol my phone don't <br />
Ley me do some features<br />
Hope you get to read this lol<br />
Have a nice Fungirlmmm

I'm envious because I enjoy good writing but find that you have blocked me, perhaps in error, but, if not, that's OK, because I fully support your right to choose your company. That's what this site is all about.

Bravo. <br />
Have the same experience... <br />
XxX<br />

Thank you!

Sean, I was writing that for my guy and you freaked me out about Supergirl panties LOL... Just kidding. I got sick and didn't go back to it yet. I need to finish it though.

Sean, I was writing that for my guy and you freaked me out about Supergirl panties LOL... Just kidding. I got sick and didn't go back to it yet. I need to finish it though.

I have no idea why that happened. LOL

I think I may be a stutterer. My hands are quite shaky today so I may be a stutter typist.

It's hard to shock the ones who ask if you're naked or if you're horny. In my experience, they find *any* response titillating and probably enjoy a "feisty" response as much as anything else. Or at least, they'll pretend they do, just to keep you talking. I give 'em the axe, these days.

I think you are right G. Sometimes any reaction is a titillation.

I feel you are an interesting Person, I do not consider Gender, You are Womam/man I do not care. But want to be you my GF (Good friend) for ever. !! If you are willing to be a GF for a simple person then you are invited to be my mate for fun and sharing................

I am honored Joe. I have accepted your invitation and you should be able to contact me whenever you want now.

I enjoy reading your stuff. I write a lot too-inherited it from my mother.


I am okay.


I am a sensual person so I am not a prude by any means but I don't want that to be all we are about. And I am NOT ever going there with you.


Well I have had better days Striker.

I don't get mad or hold grudges.

I don't even hate my stalker even after all the things he has done, especially lately. I feel sorry for them in fact.


I don't mind.

Yes I am very sure.

Brava! good story.

Thank you.

ppl really come on here to ask about nude question and slackness , i had no idea the perverts must be hiding from me. good stay hidden

ppl really come on here to ask about nude question and slackness , i had no idea the perverts must be hiding from me. good stay hidden

Yes, they do K. You have been lucky.

So are you suggesting that we be friends Dain? Tell me more about you then.

Be who you are and write what you want to. It's great to be in America. Never change for anyone else. You'd be living a lie if you do.

Be who you are and write what you want to. It's great to be in America. Never change for anyone else. You'd be living a lie if you do.

Thanks bunches.

Well, I guess I didn't really have to read this... I already know you are either naked, or in some yummy VS gear. lol

LMAO! You are too funny. I like to say on the days I am naked that I am wearing my lush that day lol.

True that, girlfriend. Lush is the under underwear wear for every day! ;)

LOL I am a Snowcake or Karma girl. Have you smelled Karma? OMG! It just screams wear me for hottie on Valentine's Day!!!

I do like Karma, and you already know how I feel about Snowcake. I am really loving on the each peach massage bar these days, though... Yum

You bring up excellent points in this discussion. Most of the add requests, whiteboard comments, gestures etc. I end up ignoring... The problem is some good people I wish to be friends with, get ignored to and I hate to have that happened to them. So I end up spending time to go over their profile and recent activities and if I think that person's only interest is adding girls to his circle I don't bother responding. So there you have it. everybody..!!!!

LOL I add more than I should sometimes.

Wow you go ahead and stand up for yourself girl :) I like having you as my EP friend


Right on Fungirl

if people ahve a hard time dealing with facts in what you write, then htey are confussing issues with fact. It is my beleif that in order to quell the questionas that people normally ask, say it like it is, as you already have. I find it amazing that people spend way too much time trying to find whats not there rather acceptiing whats in front of them. I get the same things from people on here and I will give them time to ask. If its not what you are looking for then you are looking in the wrong place. As I've said in many of the postings, I am blessed with the circle of friends I have, they come from all walks of life and they know that they can be themselves, because I accept them for what they offer as long as they are being themselves and not what they are not. I applaud you for your courage fungirl. You are exactley the type of people who I admire here. You are heading in the right direction for sure.

I like you and definitely want you in my circle. I would someday love to know you in real life. You are very real and I love that. enjoy!!!

and to think I thought this was a date sight lol jk, I hope everyone is having a great day

It's such a relief to find EP members, like you, who can be upfront in declaring how real they and their stories actually are.<br />
<br />
I have acquired a fair bit of skill over time in learning how to filter out the roaches. Still, I am annoyed more than surprised upon finally realizing someone is a poser due to the fact that I had already made investments of my own time and effort in sniffing them out before they eventually expose themselves. I guess that all social networking sites comes with this feature which every member cannot be exempt from.<br />
<br />
Its unfortunate though that I may not be able to enjoy reading your stories since I am restricted from viewing your profile where all links to your stories are conveniently listed. I got here by way of peripheral browsing. Clicking links upon links from other links. <b> :-) </b>

All noted :)

My word you are a busy little E P Bee arn't you? -- But I do from time to time enjoy watching your activities, stories and comments here.<br />
<br />
Thank you

It's silly that people wonder if you're real or not.You know people need to get out more when they start asking such things.

Great post, Fungirlmmm :-)<br />
<br />
Take care, and best wishes


im sorry you have to deal with such ignorant people. :) good luck!

Y a a a a a a a a a a Y ! a woman of my own heart!

Good story,and topic I find myself to be a good way of telling the people who don't know YOU to either like me or don't. What is most disheartening is to have people who know nothing about you to judge and pass judgement and not only to you but others. I thought real life was messy enough and had hoped ep would be the place to feel better.<br />
It has been in some ways, and I do keep coming back. But you never know when you are dodging<br />
bullets - and if you have some real probs - the ones you are unable to dodge can be hurtful. Even in a virtual world.

Everything you said applies to me too! (You say it nicer than I do.)

yes i have problems im having my husbands dads baby and dont know what to do lindasha

Wow. I am not sure what to say to that but in my defense I have had way too much to drink and should not be eping.

I think that says it all.


Can't wait to read a story

Do you imagine yourself to be in the middle of some kind of media circus.I don't know who you are or what you feel that this site is about.Or indeed where you have placed your golden throne among its pages.It sounds like you are under some kind of really strange impression that this is how life is,Like your own personal place,but in your case a place where you have to break in every night to sleep because you are not welcome to stay anymore.If it is possible to you,when you wake try to find a window and look out of it.Get some fresh air and contemplate leaving the house.A big step,but lets face it you are becoming delusional in here.When you dictate to people who only wish to pass the time of day before they go to other parts of this site.It is called impoliteness.I assure you that there really is nobody who requires your words of wisdom,or wishes to gain credit with their people by the fact that you may address them if they are deemed interesting to you,a site squatter who can't go out and face the world and instead builds their own lists of who can and who can't.Liberally dotted with "dont be offended if"or "its not personal".I think you believe this is all yours and gives you the good grace to show people your appalling manners while thinking you are the great misunderstood antihero.Anyway back to leaving the house,it would be exercise for you.Also if you take a minute to look really closely you will find that is also where the REAL world is.A place where you are as insignificant as you are here.

I try to be honest and avoid drama.

Thanks for the insite. I write short storys and some are dirty.... I will take the time to get to know you if you will do the same with me. I am here to meet people not have cyber screen talk. That being said what would you like to know about me and I will send you a private chat with the answers.<br />
<br />
Your Fan RICH

Awesome. I think you just told me what I need to know to be comfortable with us being friends. I protect my relationship like a guard dog protecting his property so with that said. thank you. send me a pm just with general talk... what kind of erotica do you write for example?

It has always been both a pleasure and an honor to have you as an EP friend.

Yes you do mother. <br />
<br />
It is a pleasure to know you stony.

Not really true, but thanks for saying it.

yes, I enjoy talking to you. you are a nice man.

Don't you always SM? It is hard to disagree with perfection.

I'm thinking you have both had a glass too far.

I am sorry.

Thanks Steamer. It is not an intrusion if we have invited you to read it by posting here. Thanks for reading it.

I've been reading the comments to this post and I understood that you really have a rich social life.... good for you... since I don't know if I can be interesting enough to meet your expectations I won't ask the permission to add you as a friend... that doesn't keep me from expressing great admiration for the person you seem to be! Thanks for the minute dedicated to this short lecture.... you're right, english is not my first language... everybody can notice it seeing my funky synthacs, some consider it charming, my wife for example... oh, no.... nor spanish!

:) thanks for your comment.

You certainly are interesting and EP entertaining. Will have to read more about you!

Thanks jthehuman,.

Thats very wise, setting a straight course right at the start of the voyage


Smiles back

be who you are and do U.....with that there is no explanation needed....

Thank you soulsign

Wow, love how it's straight to the point!! Definitely glad I added you lol :P


Pretty streight forward and too the point. Your interesting. If you have time add me, would like to be friends and no childess banter. reading all your stories.


I do not focus on your stories alone FG. . . I love to have varieties in my shelf, to my favorites. And as I go along I also find few but great, expressing their hearts out about how the world is outside EP. Nevertheless I read and enjoy your stories whenever I come across with one of them

I admire just how you choose your Words, being consistent to the Personality you are. The cleverness and flirtiness. The vividness of your words expressing the thoughts. How you become a ***** to some of your works . . .yet you never forget to paint your words the color of warmth the last moment. I just wish I could have the time to read all your beautiful works. I started to join EP year 2009 of summer and tried exploring the site for a couple of month. Then went to " vacation " mode. Then had the chance to go back late last year of winter. . . and it is this year that I finaly had the chance to enjoy EP exploring some of the great works published. . . by persons like you, fungirlmmm.

Thank you so much for your words. There are so many beautiful persons here that share their hearts and bare their souls day in and day out. I am glad that you have chosen to read what I write. It means the world to me. Again thank you.