I Am Kinda Slooow

Sorry but I am very slow to respond sometimes and things don't click in my head right away like they would for most normal people. I never contact people, you have to contact me. But it's just becuase I am shy and I get nervous about contacting people 'cause I have a fear of rejection that runs pretty deep...but that's a nother story.

So, yea...just thought I'd get that out there. Oh! and for anyone who has already added me to thier circle...umm...again I am slow. If you want me to add you just send me a message saying something like "oh you should add me too"  or "lets be friends" something, anything. Again, I am slow and things don't click. Just 'cause you're my fan I don't know if that means you want to be my firend.

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Well a jeans and tea shirt girl. I also like to relax,no need to impress anyone with clothes. Well a true friend never not answer a question. What type of jeans do you like to wear?

add me?

Agreed, never downplay who you are as LuxMentis mentioned. This may imply to others that you think you're not smart. One day you'll actually start believing it. It really bothers me when some people say things like that. You are who you are. If by slow you mean that you are not keeping pace with society, well society wants everything to be fast, fast, fast because time is money to them. You move forward at your own speed. Even Einstein's 2nd Grade teacher kicked him out of math class because he was "too slow" - did you get that? Math class - what!? And here he is giving us the Theory of Relativity.<br />
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I have been an Introvert all my life, Shy is my middle name; Slow is my modus operandi. You take as much time as you need sweetheart, the world is just gonna have to wait.

Don't feel too bad about it, netgurl. I think there are a lot of people like you, me included. Or at least, I used to be, pre EP.<br />
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I hesitated in adding others for fear of rejection, I didn't and don't send PMs unless I actually have some questions, I am also pretty slow in responding to PMs I got... What's wonderful about this place is I still get to make friends, people who are laid back and take me as I am. Hope the same thing happens to you too!

I used to be shy and I know that shyness prevents one to be spontaneous for fear of ridicule.<br />
I suggest -it's what I did-that you practice deep breathing. It helps oxygenating your brain cells for quick reaction , boldness and self-confidence.<br />
lets be friends.

If you can conceptualize your own situation, you are not slow. Never down-play who you are. I think you're sweet, and real. I'm shy too. <br />
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I used to say that I am slow. I used to let other people's assumptions of me shape who I believe I am. Not anymore.<br />
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Just be you, and you won't be "slow."<br />
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