Friendship Disclaimer, Read Carefully

I think EP is a great place to swap stories and make friends. With that thought in mind, I like to come here to meet new people and share experiences. It's a great way to vent, get feedback, and learn new things. I can get along with just about anyone and some of the perspectives I have encountered here, have changed the way I view the world.

I am more than happy to add new people to my circle but there should be some understanding between us first. So, if you are truly interested in starting a friendship read on:

1. I love my Christian God. I can respect it if you follow some other faith. I can understand it, if you question your own faith. I will have and intelligent, respectful conversation with you on faith, if you choose. We can debate; but do not force your views on me, and I will not force my views on you. Above all, do not try to force your atheist views upon me. I have had that conversation. Your logic will never shatter my faith, so don't waste your time.

2. I am here to make friends only. I am not interested in hooking up. Yeah, I know sometimes people on here make a connection and get together but that's not my intention. There are much better websites available for that sort of thing, so if that is what you are after, maybe you should go there first.

3. I have an active "freak filter". If I discover that you are some kind of pervert, saddist, or are otherwise involved in behavior that would be socially unacceptable in public; you are out.

4. I am not out to collect friends. I really don't give a damn how many people are in my circle. So, if you are the kind of person that just wants to add me to your riddiculously long list of friends you could never possibly interact with; leave me out of it. I'm not interested in being another trophy.

5. I reserve the right to clean up my circle as I see fit. Basically, if you do not make any effort to interact with me periodically, I will delete you. If you have not been seen in months, I will  delete you. If you get caught in my "freak filter," I will delete you.

I make it a point to look over a person's profile before I add them to my circle. I would hope that you would do the same. That way we can both save ourselves a lot of wasted effort.

One last thing. No offense to anyone who is new to EP but I am always slow to add a new person into my circle. It isn't that I don't want to welcome you, or be helpful. It's just that many new people don't stick around for long. There's no point in cluttering up my circle with "empty" profiles. In my opinion, if being on EP is really something you're interested in, then put up a unique profile picture. No one with a generic avatar will ever get a response from me.


Shinigami69 Shinigami69
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6 Responses Dec 21, 2009

Well written! I blocked some lady with mature content that made herself my fan cause I could tell she was just trying to accunulate a lot of "friends."

I liked what you said very much Shinigami. We do need to weed out those who seem to be collecting us as friends (for what purpose?) and those who do not communicate on some kind of sort of regular basis. There are so many ways to say hi to your friends whether it is posting on one of their stories, sending a gesture or a gift and a private e mail... so many ways. So i'm with you on the friend me then ignore me thing. Not the mark of one who really wishes to get to know you. Great post. Keep them coming :) xox

Can't please everybody indeed. And I'm starting to get really tired of people playing the don't judge card.

Get a good look?<br />
<br />
You can't please everybody...

I think I am going to start rating people according to how many hoops they expect me to jump through:<br />
1/, irrelevant - I don't share it; why mention it?<br />
3/ Frighteningly subjective - some of my closest contact on here have a wonderfully mixed bag of experiences! Oh; and Ep is about anonymity. Which is why there's a choice of generic avatars. Why judge?<br />
<br />
Your post and a quick look at your profile has been most helpful. Thank you!

I agree 100 %.Great post..