Get to know the old me before looking at the new me or you wont understand a damn thing about me.

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Np and later.

thanks Arorin, bye

Yeah it is all good, just message me whenever you want. I have a ton of interesting stories. People keep telling me to write a book... but i use to be weak too. So i know how it is.

thanks, just explaining that made me feel a little pathetic, lol. <br />
<br />
i have to get to bed its amost 1 am here and i work at 6 am. thanks for the talk, i guess i will talk to you later. :P

Ive got stories from my past that you may like. I understand all of this. I am very good on these topics.

thank you, i wouldnt mind.<br />
<br />
yeah, im "weak" i dont have much anything worth anything, i dont like to spill my guts but i have allot of problems with being alone. i always dealt with it by having distractions, either someone or something, example books or bf. no bf anymore and the damn books are "love" and blah blah blah, if youve noticed on my profile i battle things with myself that most dont understand.

Well i have a lot of time to waste if you want to talk about it. If not then that is cool too.<br />
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so need more strength?

lol thats a VERY long list, to start with, strength. i dont have allot of it.

So what are you working on with yourself then?

good its good :D <br />
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im now working more on myself rather than the reasons i am who i am. like i said, i can only change myself

Yeah... It's all good though.

i will take your word on that Arorin. :P

Well if you knew my past you would see why i don't care about what other people think.

your seem to be in a better place (mind set) than i am. :P im just trying to live without people all getting on my back. :P not that i dont break the rules every now and then

I am myself no matter where i go or what i do. Life is to short to be anything else.

to tell you the truth im more myself on this site than in life, everyone expects things their way and i dont do either their or mine, im just... neutral.

Yeah just be yourself it isn't going to bother me.

ok :D

Are you confused at anything fg? <br />
<br />
Your lang doesn't bother me, and yeah a lot of people are just that way...

lol yes, i have been there a few times, should think before i speak sometimes >.< but yes, its irritating when you are the subject of their orders or "suggestions." it drives me mad, why do allot of people assume so much? i posted stories of serous crap before and there where some people who where kind enough to ask questions in a manor that wasnt offensive, but i have ran into those types of people who tell me what to do, tell me what i should have done, and i have to still do in order to do the "right thing" but then when i let them in on a small detail, that small detail changes everything and they shut the fukk up (pardon my language if that bothers you).

...and you will be confused as jell if you don't.

A lot of people don't ask questions they try to bark out things to do. I have almost done stuff like that but i catch myself and ask questions first. I find from the answers i get what i would of said would of been really dumb.

yeah for some reason people think they know what to say, what to do, maybe reading someones story is more for them to LEARN something, not try and fix something.

Not to mention some stories could of been from the past and already dealt with. I do it to vent too, not to attract people to fix me. if others want to talk about it that is fine, but put in a little effort to learn the whole story.

yeah when i was on here before (this is me returning to ep so its all a restart) i had allot of those, just cuz i posted up stories they assumed it was for them to fix me or the situation, to give advice, i saw it as a way to vent and let go, i havent asked anyone to fix me, i am who i am from what ive experienced and no one can change me, if i want to change its my choice.

People try to offer me support, but it makes me mad when people say sorry and stuff like that. Also they don't realize issues i have are beyond the talking point. I am at the i need to take action. I have already seen every option available and i dont want to sit and listen to every random person telling me what i should do. There is usually more going on in the background then they can see, and they give out horrible advice when they just don't know. <br />
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People need to try to understand more, before throwing themselves out at you.

i know how that feels, people in my own life now miss understand everything about me cuz i have so many secrets the made me the person i am now. they all just think im GAY, im not and i dont mind people who are but im not, just an example of ways people miss understand me. no could understand me unless they know my real self, my past.

I don't know if we all have a old self, but it is hard to understand my behavior with out knowing what cause me to become who i am today.

straight forward, good. i think we all have an old self people would have to get to know first to understand a person, im like that too.