Read Before U Add

number one, creepers: DO NOT ADD ME!

i will not tell u what i am wearing, if i'm horny, or if i can do nasties for u. i am not here for that purpose, so please just no adding me.

number two: i try my best to help ppl,  thats what im here for, but if u start being rude, or trying to cause trouble i will not be happy lol

number three: i am not interested in dating

number four: do not make fun of pineapples lol. i will be very upset haha

number five: i will treat u with respect if u treat me with respect, keep it in mind please.


if these are ok with u, then add me.

LittleFerrett LittleFerrett
26-30, F
24 Responses Feb 13, 2010

i don't like them...


pineapples suck!

awwww as long as u like pineapples, or at least stop making fun of them u can join us!!!!!!!

Its cool! i get it! no one wants to be on my side! it is ok!

lol shhhhhhhhhhh<br />
<br />
ur so on my side hun lol

hey hey i didnt say i was teaming up againts ANYONE. :P

That aint cool... I am so nice too!

yepp lol :p

Teaming up against me!

LOL<br />
<br />
we will be great friends Sitchiba :)

aww i LOVE pineapples, fresh cut and COLD. yumm *whips drool off chin*

You know it!

-_-not nice

I dare because i am good like that!

how dare u! respect my pineapple addiction!!

lol had i really confused you at first?

Pineapples suck!

lol ok good. then stay on my friends list lol :)

lmao NO im not a creeper.

lol hahaha no no dont remove urself!!! <br />
<br />
i like u lol. as long as ur not a creeper its all good :)

so should i remove and then add you? i just read it but i was already in your circle, i hadnt read this yet :P lol

lol what?

ooops >.< i went out of order