I Am Just A Girl . . .

Okay, let's make this clear. I am a pre-op M>F TS, but I am not a freak nor will I respond to every single person male or female who wants to bed me or have cyber with me!

I am here for friendship only.

If you like to pee your pants, watch other people pee or like to have your diaper changed, are a grown-up baby, into BDSM, "horny all the time", or finally a tranny or TS chaser, then please, I am not the friend for you. I am simply a girl who wants friends.

allison22 allison22
22-25, F
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I understand and respect your wishes. Would you add me please

i'm just looking for friends also i'm not hear looking for anything else

I'm a guy who is not interested in labels,but getting to know people as they are,yes I wear womens togs but thats my preference I don't push it on others but your welcome to be my friend as long as you wish to communicate,its the one's who friend you then don't do nowt else I don't want.

May I just add another wholehearted echo ... TG friends are precious and the genuine support is always welcome. I never came to EP for all those other things, I never asked for them, I don't want them, and they spoil the experience. I just wish they would read my page in this group first!!

Assison, I know just what you are saying and I agree with you 100%. There are some people out there that just don't respect us and show it 100% of the time. Liza

You rock! LOL!!!!!

I would enjoy being your friend and talking with you, how about<br />
email? jws866@yahoo.com

Ok, I read it, and am totally cool with what all you say. And not for nothing, but you are the cutest, most convincing TG I've ever seen! I'm not going to try to 'bed' or harrass you in any way, but I confess I am crushing on your pic! Such a great, genuine smile!!

That was well put. I am strange, but I respect your position. I am not chasing anybody here. I don't actually plan on hooking up with someone even if they approached me. I just love the satifactionof excersizing my mind by exploring my kinks and reliving some of my past experiences. If you want to friend me great, if not, well I enjoyed your stories anyway.<br />
Have a good one.

hi allison hope i have not offended you in any way you seem very nice

Hello nice to meet you, I have never been with a tranny but you have 1 beautiful face I hope all your dreams come true as to what ever you desire. <br />
<br />
What kinds of things do you like i am not talking about sex talking about fun things, to becoming friends it takes connecting on some level and this is how i try to start off.

Amen on all points. You're awesome.

Hi Allison, Nice to see your real picture! There are many artificial things in life, true friends for our kind is sometimes one of them! It's funny how many times we have to remind people we are not really freaks. Life is complicated enough... and then there's us!<br />
All the best!

don't b disappointed, it's the www - u can't publish to millions and expect only the apt 2 contact u. rather b glad w/ about 100 "friends" in your circle! i'd b honestly pleased if u make me the 101st. ;)<br />
<br />
i'm a greenhorn on the EP. btw i am a straight man and in a relationship and not at all into cheating just into meeting real people like u.<br />
<br />
best wishes

u look georgeous... its nice tobe ur friend... sharing stories, real stories..!. , hope I can learn somethin from u...thx

That is awesome... I like the way you lay that all out there. I get tired of reading all the smutty sex stuff. I'm here for friends too, and friends only. I'm a happily married guy who wears pantyhose daily and wears skirts and lingerie from time to time... because it makes me feel good.<br />
<br />
My wife loves this side of me too,and its great to share.<br />
<br />
If you want to be friends I'm game :)

I laughed out loud when I saw this because it can be so true. Just count me as the "just a friend" person.