I Am

i read your profile i do my homework

on adding friends . thats why iam on ep

to blog and inform people of child abuse and abuse and what to do.

iam not on here to cyber or hook up in any way iam very happly married

i dont and wont cheat by cybering to me its cybering ,but thats just me .

iam a christan and a lady , i dont step over thelines that are talking about privet marrtal

things to any one so iam up front i do my best to be good to people

i try to live with intergty . i am a true friend a honest one dont take me for a fool,

dont try to desive me or lie to me about your intenchions of being a friend . its not personal

and when you keep pushing the boundrys of my friendship by trying to get me to talk about

se xual things i will call you out on it i will give you 3 chances on this the 3 time i call you

on it i will hand your b utt to you in a lunch box so please know this its not personal

but i dont like being conned or lied to about your friendship . iam only a friend a true

friend that can be trusted a true friend to be loyal . i have many friends on here thats been

in abuse and i do try to councle those that are honest with me i ve been threw alot

and i will stand up to any one that trys to play me . iam not a b itch as ive been

called by a ex or 2 but i stand up call a spade a spade .

i do not judge people but i dont like people that arnt honest . iam jsut me other

wise . peoples true self will emarge they can fool some of the people some of the time but not all of the people.

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9 Responses Feb 24, 2010

I dont understand people pushing the boundrys of friendship but so many do an some just arnt in here for just friends its other reasions

I love this post :) I am new here and, thankfully have not had anyone try any of that with me...but after reading this I do believe I need to do the same and make it very clear that I to am here for the friendships, support, and to give support, NOT for dating, cyber affairs, etc., I am hopeful that there is someone that will read my story and see that they too, have the courage, strength, and the right to live fear free...Maybe in sharing my personal journey of years spent locked in the cycle of horrific beatings, forced to endure unspeakable abuses, punishments, and tortures at my abusers' whims, , and then the legal horrors that, my children and I are suffering everyday... just to be free from that nightmare...I want to show others that they don't have to be a victim....they too can be a SURVIVOR :) My life is a hard one but I do not let one day go by without finding joy in it :)

I am with you on that . but there are some like that out there in E P land.

I agree I will block anyone who ask to be a friend and all I see on their profile is sexual content,,,I don't like talking about those sort of things myself,,,well thanks for shareing,,,Love and Light Mary

amen me too . iam here for friends only no dating ,cyber or nasty pictures<br />
iam a lady christan

I like what you've written and agree wholeheartedly too. I am also Christian, a good friend, here for everything but sex! I'd like to add you too! X@

sure thing add me

ty any time <br />
ty all for ur coments

I really like what you wrote in Read This First so I will add you to my circle.

I like real friends this happend to me , out of respect i wont namethe person<br />
that did it . iam who i am i put it out there my intergy and truth and that will weed out the (fake friends)<br />
beclase after i warn them 2 times the 3 time i let them have it , i dont feel iam a b itch i just stand up for my belifes and truth thoses that push it cant handle what i say to them i dont cuss them out i call them on thier bad behaver and i wont eccept less and a honest friend , i can forgive a little lie one thats something that wont hurt me , but when you lie saying you want to be a friend and you have got other things in mind i stand up for it and the 3 time iam harsher saying how i feel , i dont think iam too hard to unserstand as a lady .i dont judge people thats why i give 3 chances to correct the mistake. any way iam me i try to be always honest with all my family and friends<br />
those that dont ecept my honesty well all i can say it dont hurt me when you take me off your friends list , its cool . after all its not personal . and to each thier own but i tell why iam on ep to blog , make friends and blog buse abuse and issues that people need to talk abot to inform.