Always Flattered But Never Know What To Do

It's always flattering to receive those "I have a fan" email.  It's the biggest compliment.  However, I don't know what it is that they are complimenting me on.  I have no idea if they found one of my answers to a question funny or if they've read a lot of my stories. SO when I receive the "I am a fan" email, I just ignore it.  I hope people don't think I'm being rude or mean.  I don't collect friends in numbers in real life so why would I just willy nilly call someone my friend online when I've never met them.  Please feel free to send me a PM to say hello and introduce yourself.   That's the first indicator I have when someone truly wants to get to know me and puts in the extra effort in trying to be a friend.  I enjoy making friends not acquiantances.  The person that you read about on EP is the real me, it's not a persona.  I expect honesty and respect.  I know we all want to escape our complicated lives but I don't care to play anyone's mind games.  I have enough of that to deal with my STBX.  LOL!  Right now, I only have 2 people posted as my circle.  One is a good friend online and offline and the other I added because he wanted me to see his pictures!!!  I do have a small circle of friends that I constantly keep in contact with that I have made through EP that are not posted.  I kind of feel ridiculous advertising who my real EP friends are. We're not in high school...I don't need to create a clique to show people that I'm with the cool crowd! Besides its more important to me that they know they mean a lot to me. I am here because I enjoy reading the stories and I like the possibility of making new friends online.  While I'm in the process of getting divorced, I am not looking for my soulmate or rebound guy on EP.  If you're a smoking hot dude, on a good day I may want to look at your pictures, so just be upfront about it.  I respect people who are upfront and just downright tell it how it is. I have received propositions, again while flattering, I'm not a hoochie!  You will not find me jumping on a plane for a romp in the sack with you.  All that being said, if you've got great wit, a sense of humor, your emphathetic, sensitive, fun to be with and make a great friend...hurry up and PM me!

Oh and for those who have sent me an "I am fan" email, I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

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1 Response Mar 5, 2010

lol... ok... i will pm you!