Behold The Disclaimer

DISCLAIMER OF ODDITY, ECCENTRICITY, AND GENERAL RANDOMNESS: Although much of my personality is fairly evident from my profile, experiences and stories, there are a few things I feel I should state.  Firstly, I'm weird.  Let's just get that out in the open right now.  This should be obvious, but I have noticed that some people don't seem to check out other's experiences before adding them.  Rather they see that they agree on one point in some discussion or other, and assume they would have much in common.  That may work in some situations, but I'm afraid it usually doesn't with me.  I don't completely fit into any one stereotype, so one should understand that just because I'm pro-life doesn't mean I'm Evangelical.  Just because I'm Hippy-esque doesn't mean I think drug use is okay.  Just because I'm old fashioned doesn't mean I'm chaste, and just because I'm Pagan doesn't mean I'm anti-Christian.  I tend to bounce from colorful artisticness to lore-fed wisdom to random, prankish humor, and some think this makes me insincere, but you must understand that it's just me.

Secondly, I like discussing different religious ideas and political beliefs, and I am always open to hearing someone else's viewpoint, but I do not like people trying to push their beliefs on me.  Open-minded discussions are great, but if you can't talk about politics, religion, or philosophy without becoming rude, forceful, or egocentric, it's best not to begin the discussion at all.  Please understand, if you are too pushy when discussing such matters with me, I am likely to end the discussion.  I won't be uncourteous about it, but I won't allow the conversation to continue either.

Thirdly, I have a dark and rather random sense of humor, and you have to understand that some of what I say which may offend or bother some is meant in good humor, not in seriousness.  If I say something about my army of adorable, evil, flying vampire kittens taking over the world, it isn't because I'm absolutely delusional or psychotic-- I'm only only partially delusional and psychotic. : )  Likewise, when I post something about the League of Anti-Cheerleader Ninja and Assassins, it doesn't mean I actually plan to kill high school boosters.  It doesn't even mean that I will automatically hate anyone who is or was a cheerleader.  I'm joking.  Please don't call your friendly local asylum.

Fourthly, I befriend most people who ask me, but not everyone.  If we have absolutely nothing in common, I'm not likely to add you to my circle.  I will, however, usually send you a brief message asking you to tell me a little more about yourself, and about why you wish to be my friend.  If, after we exchange a couple of messages, I feel that we might get along and enjoy one another's company after all, I will add you.  If you send me a request, receive such a message in response, and fail to respond to it, you will not be added.  I don't keep this rule to be rude, or because I want to shield myself from anyone who isn't just like me, but rather because I have had trouble on other occasions.  Besides, as one of my reasons for joining experience project-- which I suspect is shared by many others-- is to connect with kindred spirits, it usually proves to be pointless to try to build a connection to someone with whom my only link is humanity.  That's not to say I won't befriend people who are different from me-- I actually really enjoy learning about different ideas and perspectives-- it's only that I don't see the sense in adding people whose hobbies and tastes are so dissimilar from mine that we can't even have a decent conversation.

Lastly, I have a pretty busy life.  I'm a university student, and I also have a semi-professional job, activities with a handful of different groups and organizations, and quite a bit of responsibility at home.  I don't always have time to get online, so if you comment on one of my stories or send me a message, and I don't respond for a few days, please don't take it personally.  I'm probably studying for exams or working in a particularly large project.

Well, I suppose that's it.  Consider yourselves warned.  (Insert amused giggle here.)

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2 Responses Mar 13, 2010

Evil flying vampire kittens sounds awesome...what do you feed them? :P<br />
You sound awesome and I totally get you. You actually sound a bit like me.

LOL! I feed them coffee, chocolate and Italian food, of course! Well fed flying vampire kitties are happy flying vampire kitties, after all. :) I've looked at your experiences and read a couple of your stories, and I think we are similar, too. I look forward to getting to know you!

so your kittens are vegetarian then :P oh ok I see how they fly...yeah it's all that coffee you give them. I like your sense of humor.

Personally, I think it would be a very good thing. LOL! :)