I'm Not Here To Hook Up.

First, and most important, I'm not interested in talking about sex, and especially not in role-playing it on here. No, I'm not a virgin. Yes, I'm bi and single. No I'm not looking to hook up with anyone from this (or any) website.


I made the mistake of adding some of my less-acceptable-by-society experiences first, but isn't that what this site is all about? Sharing the real you that you're afraid to show to people in RL? Anyways, adding those experiences first and having almost only those for a while apparently gave the impression that I'm some kind of sexual deviant who's only here to talk about sex, the dirtier, the better. That's entirely wrong. I don't want to talk about sex at all. I mean, if you have questions about being bi or whatever, I'll probably answer them if you ask politely and maturely, but sending me a message that says "Hey baby, have you ever had a 3-way? Describe it for me!" is the WRONG way!! I'm not here for cheap sexual thrills at all.

I'm not going to delete those experiences because they're a part of who I am, but I made damn sure that none of them show up on my top list. I'm not a very outwardly sexual person, but I'm not a prude. I like sex as much as any other girl, and like every other girl, missionary-style isn't the only thing I do. But is there really any good reason you need to know more than I've willingly shared? No. Like I said, I'm not here to hook up, so you don't need to hear about how I like to do it.


I love jokes and have a good sense of humor (or so I'm told). Jokes are also a great way to break the ice, even if they're lame. Just please, please don't tell me the same joke you've told everyone. Chances are, if all you've told it to all your friends, I've already heard it unless you made it up yourself. Originality and creativity go a long way in impressing me. Dirty jokes are fine as long as the point of the joke is to be funny rather than downright disgusting.


Do not threaten me. Do not harrass me. Do not press me for more information than I am willing to share. Keep my profile clean - if you wouldn't post it on your own facebook profile or myspace profile, don't post it on my profile here - send it to me as a message instead, unless it goes against something I've already said above, in which case I will delete it no matter how you communicate it to me. Do not ask for personal information. I will not tell you my last name, my address, my phone number, where I am or am going to be, my friends' names, or anything like that. If I think you're trying to stalk me, I'll block you. If you really do stalk me, I will call the cops. *IF* I decide I want to meet you, then I will tell you what you need to know. Until then, don't bother asking.

If you want to talk to me about something of a more....ummm....don't really know a better way to say this.....something of a less-accepted-by-society nature, try to be mature and polite about it. Be straightforward, but keep in mind that if you come on too strong about it, it's gonna push me away. Be gentle. :)


If you send me a message, say something in it. "Hi, How are you?" isn't really gonna go to the top of my list to respond to, because I really don't think you care that I'm feeling tired, just woke up, or am feeling sick. Ask me a real question. Tell me a joke. Comment on something I said somewhere. Any of those will almost guarantee a response, as long as they don't violate what I said above. I love to talk to people and meet new people!!

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I understand where you are coming from completely. Im not here for that either.

@cassidy thank you!! :)<br />
<br />
@tigger "Warrior Bear"? lol I think that's just a teeny bit contrary to what the Care Bears are all about :P

Lets see a Carebear name for you.......... hmmmmmmmm.......... Sunshine bear......... nope........ Cheer Bear.......... nope............ lovealot Bear.............. nope........... hmmmmmmmmmm how about Warrior Bear.......... yup thats you.......