Read this before adding me!!

I saw another EPer do this, and I'm stealing it!!  LOL 

These are my rules.  Yes, you should read them.

1.  I am not here for your "pleasure".  I don't want to see pics of you stroking, peeing, pooping, ect.  Keep your naked body parts to yourself.

2.  I am not here as your sexual relief button.  Do NOT PM me wanting to have cyber sex, or cam, or what have you. It's NOT going to happen.  Got it?

3. If you are a perv, don't even bother.  Yup...that's right.  If most, to all, your experiences listed are sexual in nature, I will  not waste my time on you.  Your request will be in vain. 

4. Be a friend.  That's right!  I clean out my circle often.  If I do not hear from you on a somewhat regular basis, do not be surprised when you are removed from my circle.  I'm not here to up your friend count or have sex with you or get you off.  I am here to make friends.  I promise to comment on your stuff, and PM you and get to know you.  But you have to do the same.  If we go 6 weeks with no communication of any kind, can you really say that we should be friends?

5.  Be trustworthy.  Chances are if we haven't talked, then I don't trust you.  EP has stabbed me in the back more times that I care to count.  Up to and including my account being hacked.   If I can't trust you, you won't be added.  You hurt me, you will be deleted.  Got it?

6.  I make no apologies for who I am.  I am good ol' southern gal.  I use words like honey, hon, sweetie, babe, darlin, and darling.  It DOES NOT mean I want you in my bed or fancy you in any other way other than a friend.  Got it?  If you can't handle that...move on, babes!

7. Don't expect to leave one nice comment and then be friended.   I have been hurt on EP and my account Hacked.  So, if you think  leaving one nice comment means we're friends, you are sorely mistaken.  I'm sorry.  I'm guarded these days.  See rules 4 and 5 for clarification.

8. I will check out your profile.  If you do not have experiences, goals, friends, ect.  I will not add you.  Period.  You are most likely troll.  If your experinces are mostly all sexual in nature, I will not add you.  Chances are you are only here for one thing, and I'm not that thing hon. 

9.  I will clean you out.  Every 4-6 weeks I clean out my circle.  Anyone I have not talked to or heard from in some fashion (be it PMs, comments on stories, photos, confessions, or blog)  WILL BE DELETED.  Honestly, if I haven't heard from you in 4-6 weeks, we have no business saying we're friends.  We aren't.  Time for us to move on.  I know it sounds harsh, but you can see my point here.  I'm here for to make real connections.  Not have some lengthy list of people I never talk too.  Plus, I have learned having too many people "friended" and idle is a way to be spyed on and your account hacked.  Forget it.  So, either we talk or we don't.  You stay or you go.  Don't be surprised if you're a friend one day and gone the next because we never talked.  And Yes...interaction does go both ways.  But if you are sending me the request, I can assume that you found something interesting about me.  So you can start off the interaction.  If I friend you first, I'll start first.  fair enough?

10.  GET OVER IT!  I am the world's worst speller.  Deal with it.  =P

These are my EP rules and guidelines for being an EP friend.  I am loyal and expect my friends to be as well.  You don't like them?  **** OFF!

ChristineJones ChristineJones
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god I love it when the facts are laid out and down...Ms. Lyndsey54 and I (Stevieg53) like to borrow your list...we promise to give it back when we post on our profiles..thanks for being so upfront....Sir Steven and Ms. Lyndsey

I can appreciate the straight-forwardness of your approach. I actually envy it. I very much give out similar vibes in real life. Well, I have to clarify (as I typed it, I was thinking 'no you don't HAVE to, you actually WANT to): my life looks like this is how I behave with people... meaning that I have a single friend and very few acquaintances that I let in close enough to decide whether or not they are worth spending more time with. I dream of telling people to ****-off, take extra care not to, but have a life that looks like I constantly do. go figure....

Hey..Thats my brother up there..hehe! Hi Steve! *kiss kiss*

Amen, sister!

I love your honesty.<br />
<br />
It's good tpo lay the ground rules early.<br />
<br />
That said, unfortunately I am not for you so bye

lol ty

Actually, it's nothing like that at all. You missed my point. "Yes", your avie is a form of self ex<x>pression. And "yes" you have a right to show it. And "yes" people should NOT assume. So we are in agreement. The point I was trying to make is life is a "numbers" game. Pictures of underwear will "increase" the probability of "pervs" wanting to be your friend so you really can't blame them for trying. The picture is tastefully done and quite artistic. But I really don't think the "pervs" appreciate the composition of the photograph. LOL!<br />
<br />
Au revoir ma Belle

LOL <br />
<br />
Avie is a form of self ex<x>pression. =) Doesn't give others the right to assume things about me though. That's like saying a girl dressed a certain way is "'asking for it". <br />
<br />
Have a great one!

CJ, this is just a thought here but if you want to catch the right kind of fish, you need the right kind of bait. If you don't want the "pervs", maybe a more appropriate avatar would be in order. Nice nickers though.

sure thing babez

ok.o read it.i understand the rules. will you be my friend?

LOL thanks PS! *hugs*

LMAO!!!! I love it honey!!!

I know.. I know.. pfff I did post a not so nice note on a few of their whiteboards though - telling them to come back when they learnt to read!

LOL they still TRY and add me. But I don't add them! lol

*sigh* I wrote one of these stories.. and I've had a few comment on it - the pervs.. and they still add me!

LMAO!!!! Ah hon. *sigh* How right you are!!!!

Nice!! Now I hate to be the bearer of bad news CJ *takes CJ's hand, leads her to couch and sits down* THE PERVS WON'T READ IT!!!!

LOL<br />
<br />
Hey there hon~!

I should feel priviledged really, I know I'm not one of those sick perverts who gets there rocks off in strange ways! So many perverts out there male and female, I'd rather keep my dignity for sure hey sweetheart!!!!

Thanks PRP!! That goes both ways you know! =)


Thanks hon! =)

I'm glad your in my Circle too Aly honey! MWAH

I am glad to be in your circle.

Cici...You are NO perv!! LOL<br />
<br />
Being a sexual person is one thing...hell...I write erotic stories on here. LOL <br />
<br />
Perv's PM and soliciate sexual things from you. You don't do that to're good! =)

I'm a perv .... are you gonna delete me now CJ? Please don't :( I love you and hope you're ok! *hugs*

Na lips are talented! LMAO

na...ya'll have been grandfathered in!! =)

Does this mean I should remove my lips from your butt?? lmao

RAHUL: Where did I say that? I said like my rules or **** off.<br />
<br />
If you like me and intend on being a friend...great! I'm here for my friends as well. You can ask them.If you don't like me, then don't friend me. What do I care, I mean really? Am I suppose to waste my time worrying why someone I don't know doesn't like me? Um...NOPE. I said if you don't like my rules then **** Off. I don't need you and you won't need me. Simple.Have a nice day.

"Like me or **** off"..this type of attitude u have pretty nice....

I friended you because I saw you around on EP and saw lots of people saying nice things about you. ^^ Figured you would be a nice friend to have. :)

Thanks AE! NO JOKE!! LOL

Thank honey!!

Ides of March FB!!! LOL

OD's back? Geesh!! I haven't been on a night in few and I guess I missed some ****! LOL<br />
<br />
NICE FLASH!!!<br />
<br />
FB: LOL You trip me out honey!<br />
<br />
E: Your stalking skills are most excellent and I am honored to be a part of your stalking! LOL