Ep Friend Requests? Read

I saw another EPer do this, and I'm stealing it!!  LOL 

These are my rules for my EP experience.  Abide by them or DON'T WASTE MY TIME!!!

1.  I am not here for your pleasure.  I don't want to see pics of you stroking, peeing, pooping, ect.

2.  I am not here as your sexual relief button.  Do NOT PM me wanting to have cyber sex, or cam, or what have you. 

3. If you are a perv, don't even bother.  Yup...that's right.  If most, to all, your experiences listed are sexual in nature, I will  not waste my time on you.  Your request will be in vain. 

4. Be a friend.  That's right!  I clean out my circle often.  If I do not hear from you on a somewhat regular basis, do not be surprised when you are removed from my circle.

5.  Be trustworthy.  Chances are if we haven't talked, then I don't trust you.  EP has stabbed me in the back more times that I care to count.  If I can't trust you, you won't be added.  You hurt me, you will be deleted.  Got it?

6.  I make no apologies for who I am.  I use words like honey, hon, sweetie, babe, darlin, and darling.  It DOES NOT mean I want you in my bed or fancy you in any other way other than a friend.  Got it?  If you can't handle that...move on!

7. Kissing my *** will get you nowhere.  That's right!  Just because you comment on photo of mine or white board me a nice message does not mean I will friend you.  See Rule #5 for clarification.

These are my EP rules and guidelines for being an EP friend.  I am loyal and expect my friends to be as well.  You don't like?  **** OFF!

(Thanks CJ for letting me copy this)

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4 Responses Mar 15, 2010

Thanks for the friend add Tarquinn.. This is a good list and most of which I can abide by.<br />
<br />
Don't get mad if I don't comment much... I prefer to write most of the time.. but I am a gesture queen, so at least you know when I'm thinking about you.<br />
<br />

E...you were grandfathered in!!! LOL

No problem babes!<br />
<br />
Steal away Red!!

I like em! ... Can I steal..?