All Types On Ep!

T too am somewhat stealng from CJ but with some major differences!

The last three characters of my screen name are the 1st three letters of my last name.  It does NOT stand for Male Cross Dresser!  Ya can't believe the number of hits I get referring to my wifes panties and weather I like wearing them!

Most, but not all of my posts are of an "adult" nature.  If you think thats perverted, I guess your entitled to your opinion but don't expect me to consider it valid.  After all: "opinions are like A**holes, everyones got one!".

If you want to "flame" my position, I do enjoy a spirited debate so long as it's civil and based upon reality.

I don't need to see pics of some guys tool.

I can't really understand women that like peeing or pooping their pants.

If your gender is defined as "T" (transgender) ya can pass by on me!

I'm sure I'll be adding more as they come to me! 

Bill in Va.

williemcd williemcd
51-55, M
Mar 16, 2010