I'm Game!

I have a ton of groups without stories! If there are any you'd like to see me write about, let me know! :)
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I noticed two groups that don't have a story yet: "I Am Easily Turned On" and "I Like Older Men". Would you be writing 2 stories... or maybe one story that covers both?

I want to see <br />
<br />
'I want to be Dominated'... ;)~<br />
<br />
sorry I am late lol

I finally wrote it! Better late than never right? :P

wow ! i am sorry i did not come aross this earlier , as its very different and pretty unique , i am going to request a group from one of the experiences we share in common and hopefully you can post a story about it ~ group = i have some special people on ep ! ~ thanks for posting such a unique story and i am looking forward to reading your new post ~ thanking you in advance ! ...........peter

It's really fun! I will write the story when I put my son to bed and get on my laptop (just on my phone right now)

thanks !

This is pretty cool! I've been on EP a long time and haven't seen anyone do this. I'll give it a shot:<br />
<br />
I Am Sometimes Mischievous

Ok... I'll thing of a mischievous story and get back to you :)

Just posted the story.