Judging from the number of responses to my previous suggestion, there is support for my proposed web-page for casual, non-commercial, contributions for wife/gf/couples exhibitionist photos.
As before, I personally wish to have available a site that is free of advertising, pop-ups, blind links and "membership" requirements to post our nude photos, and those of similarly minded others.
So, I am willing to give it one last try, after disappointing responses previously.
On this occasion, I will accept contributions first; if sufficient response/interest, I will then re-launch the site.
Initially, acess to the site will only be for contributors. Photos must be of yourselves and/or consenting partners. Minimum size 800x 600 pixels, or thereabouts.
I will be vetting all contributions. Email same, or inquiries, to
All subjects must be over 18.
Please send no more than 3-4 photos initially. This wuill be just a hobby for me, so allow some time for responses.
gmoore1961 gmoore1961
Mar 19, 2012