Saturday Night!

Well one Saturday Jeff came in from doing some work and asked if I would like to go for dinner later on and then stop by a local bar for a drink.  The bar he suggested is a dive bar where mostly locals hang out on the weekends. "Why that **** hole?" I asked.

Jeff came up to me and took me in his arms. Squeezing my *** with both his hands he said, "I was thinking we could try teasing someone tonight, if you’re up to it? And that would be a good place to find someone." "You want me to tease someone, out in public like that?"

"Oh no, " Jeff said. "We'll get whoever it is to come back to the house with us. That way we’ll have control over what happens. And other people won't get the wrong idea about you being some kind of **** housewife."

I felt a little better after hearing that, but I still wasn’t 100% sure about what we were getting into. If this worked out it would be the first time for us going out and picking someone up together.  We have already done similar things before with strangers like playing with the repair man going to open lifestyle clubs and playing on cam.  But we had yet to pick a person up from a normal bar with me playing the **** housewife for some other man. But the idea of doing it had my nipples hard and I was soaking wet.

As I was fixing my hair Jeff dressed in some nice jeans and a dress shirt. After he was dressed he left the bedroom leaving me alone to get dressed. As I was looking through my closet I came across my very short little black skirt. It comes down to just below my ***** and I can barely sit down on a seat with out exposing myself to those around me. I’m thinking this along with black stockings would fit the theme for the evening very well. Jeff loves me in short skirts and stockings and I love the attention they draw.

I then picked out this white front button shirt. I buttoned up the middle of the shirt. Then tied the bottom of it in a knot right below my breast. My bra was pushing my breasts up and out was showing a lot of cleavage. I slipped on a pair of sexy 4-inch heel ankle strap sandals. I did my make-up and went to meet Jeff in the living room.

When I walked into the living room Jeff’s mouth fell open as he glared at me. "Oh my God! Do you look hot!" was the first thing he said. "Turn around and let me see all of you." I did a full turn around as Jeff came over to me squeezing my *** cheeks.

After dinner, as we walked into the bar, we both about fell over from the smell of smoke and booze. Through the haze in the place we saw a place to sit, two stools at the bar so we made our way to the bar. I felt like a hooker on display the way all the men in the place were checking me out.


We ordered a drink and sat talking to each other. After a hour or so, a guy sitting next to me asked if he could buy my boyfriend and me a drink? Surprised by this I smiled and said, "Sure, thank you and he’s my husband." He introduced himself as David. We shook hands and did the cheer's thing with our drinks. Turns out David is an truck driver. He was just in town for the night and was headed back out in the morning.

He was pretty good looking in a rough sort of way, maybe ten years older than Jeff. I asked if he was married. "No, with my line of work, on the road all the time, no women would want someone like me, " he replied. Jeff asked him, "Where do you sleep when you’re on the road?" David said, "Well most times I sleep in my truck. It has a big sleeper bed in it. But this trip my truck is in the shop so I have a loaner. It doesn’t have a sleeper so I've been doing the motel thing

Jeff saw this as a big opening to his plan. I could just see the light go on over his head. After on more drinks and lots more talking Jeff said, "Hell David, you seem like a nice guy. We have an extra bedroom at our house. You’re welcome to it if you would like."

The drinks that I had had made David look pretty good. As I saw him eyeing me up he said, "You're sure you wouldn’t mind?" Jeff answered for both of us, "Hell no, we don’t mind. I’m getting a little sleepy myself and I’m about ready to get out of here. How about you honey?"I looked at him and knew right where this was going and said, "Yes I’m getting tired too plus I’m getting drunk." We all laughed and Jeff said, "Okay it’s a deal lets get out of here."

David said he couldn't take his truck on the side streets. "If I ride with you; will you give me a ride back in the morning?"Jeff said, "Oh sure, no problem." As we walked out of the bar, David said he needed to get his bag out of his truck. I then asked if I could see the inside of his truck, "I’ve never seen the inside of a semi before." David said, "Sure, come on, I'll give you the 10-cent tour." Once the three of us got up along side his big truck he opened the driver’s door and said, "Go ahead and check it out."

I had to climb up on these huge steps and a ladder just to get up to the doorway and get in the seat. I glanced back down to see both Jeff and David enjoying the view up my skirt of my bare ***. I felt myself getting wet as I stood up there looking in the truck knowing they were looking right up my skirt. David then said, "While you're up there can you grab my bag right next to the shifter?"

I saw his bag and had to bend way over the driver seat to reach it. I knew this would send my little skirt up high over my ***. It also gave them a good view of my lace top stockings. I was making myself so horny showing off for this stranger and Jeff.
As I was climbing back down, the heel on one foot slipped. David was fast to grab me from the back just under my arms. His fingers came to rest on my breasts as he held me until both my feet touched the ground. I thanked him as we headed for the car.

Once at home we showed David the extra bedroom and were the bathroom was. Then Jeff said, "We're going to watch a little TV and have another beer if you would like to join us in the living room."We went into the kitchen for the beers and Jeff asked me if I was still okay with the plan. I grabbed his **** through his jeans and said, "I am if you are." He said, "Then don’t forget to wait until it looks like I've fallen asleep before you do anything. He’ll think he’s going to get lucky."

We made our way into the living room. A few minutes later David joined us. Jeff had flopped down in his Lazy-Boy. David sat next to me on the couch as we watched the TV sipping our beers. I had my legs curled up under myself. I could see that David had a good view of my lace stocking tops. I felt so sexy showing off for this man and acting like I didn’t know that I was.

After five minutes or so David said, "It looks like Jeff is out for the night." I looked at Jeff and said to David, "Great once he passes out it takes a bomb to wake him up." David said, "Do you need help getting him to bed?" I laughed and said, "No, he can just sleep in the chair tonight."

David said, "Oh okay. You know you have on one of the of the sexiest little outfits that I have ever seen.” I gave him a funny look and said, "You’ve been checking me out huh, shame on you lol."David smiled and said he was sorry but he couldn’t help looking when I was looking inside his truck. He then added, "I must say that I was very surprised to see you climb up there like that with what you had on and he loved the stockings asking where I got them from" I smiled back at him and said, "Well thank you. I got them from Victoria’s Secret." David said with another smile, "Well they sure are sexy and they look good on you." I thanked him again. Then he asked, "If it would be okay, could I see them again, he would like to see the lace tops of them?"I looked at Jeff and said, "David, I am not sure my husband would like me showing you stockings." As I was saying this David moved right next to me and started rubbing my thigh right above my knee with a smile looking at me.


I gave him a welcoming smile back and took a hold of my short skirt and started letting it work up. David keep rubbing my upper thighs now letting his hands wonder to see how much I would allow. I continued raising up my little skirt till I was fully exposed to David. David moaned softly, "Mmmmm, god those are some sexy stockings you've got there lady." He was looking closely at my crotch when he said, "I like you are totally shaved" I took a deep breath and said, "my husband likes me that way."

Right then David put a hot lip lock on my mouth. I didn’t stop him, for that matter I kissed him back. I dropped my skirt down and put my arms around him as we kissed. Then I felt David’s hand moving up the inside of my thigh. I still didn't stop him. Once his hand got up to my stocking top I moaned in his mouth and opened my legs a little, playing with the bare skin on my thigh between my stocking top crotch.

Then it happened, I felt David’s fingers run right up and down my slit. I moaned against his mouth again and opened my legs even wider to give him more access to do his thing. By now one hand was playing with my left breast and the other rubbing my leg just inches from my crotch he came across the strap of my garter belt that was holding my stockings up.

David gave the strap a little snap and said, "God there's nothing sexier than a girl wearing a garter belt and stockings." Just then David moved his finger right up to my wet *****, I moaned, "Mmmmm, " in his mouth as we started kissing again. He was running his fingers up and down my wet ***** slit.  His other hand was still on my breast and was now rolling my hard nipple around right through my bra. Then David said that he needed
to get me out of my sexy clothes. I looked over at Jeff. He had a smile on his face.

David leaned over me and started kissing me again as his hand slid down my belly his fingers made their way down over my mound and came in contact with my ****. I moaned and rocked my hips up to his fingers. David moaned also, as he sank one or two finger inside my wet *****. He then said, "Mmmm god Chrissy, your ***** is so smooth and soaked, I love it."

He was running his fingers deep inside of me and then pulling them out, rubbing my juices all over my ****. I looked over at Jeff again to make sure he was enjoying how things were unfolding.  He was waiting to see if David was going to make me ***. And I knew that I couldn’t take much more of David’s fingering. David sucked one of my hard nipples taking turns sucking and kissing one nipple then the other. I moaned out, "OH GOD!" and looked over at Jeff again. I knew that my husband was about to see me *** from another man's lips and fingers. I held David’s head to my breast and was working my ***** up and down with his fingers.

David broke his nipple kiss and said, "Go ahead Chrissy, go ahead and *** for me." As his fingers sank deep inside me and his thumb was working my ****. I was now bucking my hips up off the couch as I moaned out, "OH YES! YES! DON'T STOP! OH GOD THAT FEELS SO GOOD!" I took one more fast look at Jeff as I yelled, "OH GOD YES!! I’M *******!!" I pushed my hips up in the air as I started ******* on David’s fingers.

Then I felt David kissing my belly. He looked up from between my legs and asked if I enjoyed the ****** I just had? I moaned, "Oh god yes it was great, thank you." "No problem, I enjoyed it too, " he replied before he went back to kissing my belly. I about went through the roof when I felt David’s hot tongue run up the full length of my wet slit. I moaned, "OH GOD!" as I looked over at Jeff.


David was now fingering my ***** as he licked and sucked on my ****. I was going out of my mind as I held his head tight to my wet *****. I was pumping up to him and knew that he was going to have me ******* again very soon. It didn’t take very long at all before I yelled, "OH YES! YES! YES! I’M ******* AGAIN!"

David sucked very hard on my **** as this ****** went through my body. I don’t think I had ever *** as hard as I was right then knowing Jeff was watching. Finally, as my ****** wound down David kissed my wet ***** lips and asked me how I'd liked it. I looked at Jeff then back at David and said, "Oh my god, that was
so great." David kissed my ***** one more time and said, "Well then, you're going to love this, "as he pushed my legs back and up in the air. My calves were now on his shoulders I looked down to see that David was nude from the waist down. His **** was hard as a rock. I knew right where he was planning on putting it. I looked over at Jeff again he held his hard **** in his hand a few inches from the entrance of my *****.


I looked at Jeff one more for his approval. He was still just sitting there with that big smile on his face. He seemed very excited, he was watch another man's hard bare **** enter into my *****.

David laid the bottom of his hard **** right on my ***** lips. I was so wet his **** could slide up and down my slit very easily. Very slowly David began rocking his hips; sliding his **** up and down my ***** lips. With each upward stroke the bottom of his **** was rubbing my ****. Oh God did it feel SO good! His **** sank in between my ***** lips as they went about half way around his **** during his sliding action. The head of his **** moved deep in my ***** lips and would pop out right below my ****. Then it would continue rubbing my **** in a way that was unreal.

David moaned, "Oh god your ***** is really hot and wet. I think I’ll make you *** again." The way his hard **** was rubbing on my **** I knew he was going to have me ******* again very soon. God did it feel good.I soon felt yet another ****** starting deep inside my body. I moaned, "OH YES!" as I started rocking and pumping in time with David’s hot ****. He also picked up speed by this time.

As my ****** was coming to a head I was rocking my hips and ***** faster and faster on David’s ****. Then it happen, I felt myself ******* for a third time with David. I pulled my hips down and rolled them up to get his hard **** to rub my **** really hard, as I was *******. As I pushed up I felt David’s hot **** sink deep inside me. He pushed in deeper. Then my ****** hit me and I let out a loud, "OH MY GOD!!" as I pushed up to his hard **** and it sank deep inside me again as I started ******* on it.

David was enjoying this and also as he groaned, "Mmmmmm yes, got your tight little ******, " and he pushed as deep in me as his **** would go. Jeff was sitting right there watching me ******* with another man's hard **** buried deep inside of me. David was now holding my legs straight up in the air as he was driving his **** in me hard and fast, right in front of my husband. I was getting ****** like a bride on her wedding night.

In a very short time his body shuddered, OH YES!" And he was filling me with his hot ***. After a few more jerks David had emptied all his hot fluid deep inside me, then panting and out of breath he fell down on top of me. We looked over at Jeff and saw he was still just sitting there, not acting like a thing was going on. David had let my legs fall back down as we locked in a hot hard kiss.

David broke the kiss and said, "God dam Chrissy, that was some of the best sex I’ve ever had." I’m thinking that that was a compliment and said, "Thank you David, you were very good yourself." I panted.

David got up from between my legs and stood next to the couch. His **** made that wet suction sound as it popped out of me. I felt his warm *** leak out of me and run down between my leg. He was just standing there looking down at me flat on my back dressed in only my black lace garter belt and stockings.

David picked me up off the couch in his arms and said, "You are one sexy broad, are you ready for round two?" He carried me down the hallway towards our bedroom. "Wait! What are you doing!?" I asked as we entered my bedroom. "Hell with that couch, " David said. "I've got to have you in your bed now." He then dropped me right in the middle of my bed. I said, "No David not here, Jeff can’t see us in here." David laughed and said, "You're right he can’t see us in here. That was weird, ******* you with him right there in the chair. I kept thinking he was going to wake up and knock me in the back of the head. In here we're alone and it’s more personal. And I love the fact that I’m going to **** some guy’s wife right in his own bed right under his nose."

Wow, what a turn on that was, as he grabbed me with both hands and had me turned around on my hands and knees in the middle of the bed. Just as I started to protest I felt his hard **** slipping back inside me from behind. David was holding onto my hips as he pushed more and more of his **** inside me. He just kept pushing into me until all of his meat was deep inside. Once he was fully in me he took both my hanging breasts into his hands and started playing with my nipples. Then he started slow short in and out humps, David’s fingers were playing with one of my hard nipples as his other hand went right between my legs to my ****. It was all slick and wet from both our *******. He was rolling my wet **** around ever so softly as he picked up speed humping his **** into me. It wasn’t long until David was pumping in and out of me with long hard strokes. His **** would come all the way out then sink back in me as deep as it would go.

I knew it wasn’t going to be long before I would have another ******. I started pushing back to his **** and he moaned, I pushed back on David’s hard **** and moaned, "Mmmmmm, god that feels SO good David. Don't stop, please."

David was now pumping his **** into me at full speed. My wet ***** was making wet suction sounds as his **** seemed to go even deeper into me. I was now David’s *****, he could have me any way he wanted. I moaned, "YES David. OH GOD YES!" His hard **** felt like it was poking a hole through my uterus as I now begged him not to stop.

Faster and faster David was pumping into me. I looked down between my hanging and swinging breasts and could see David’s fingers playing with my **** and his balls banging into me. My ****** came hard and fast as I push back on his **** and screamed, "YES!! I’M *******!! OH GOD!! YESSSS!!"

My ****** must have set David’s off to because he grabbed hold of the back of my garter belt and pulled me tight onto his hard **** and moaned, "Aahhhhhh! Here it comes baby!" And he started shooting his hot ***** deep into me again. I did my best to hold his hard **** inside me as another ****** rushed through my body. He gave a few more short hard pushes as he unloaded inside me.

David’s **** popped out of me and it felt like a river of *** was running out of me. Before I knew what was going on David grabbed my legs and flipped me over onto my back.

The next thing I knew I woke up in my bed thinking, 'God was that a wild dream or what?' The sunshine was shining through my window as I turned over to give Jeff a good morning hug and kiss and there I saw David lying next to me nude. I looked down to see that I was only dressed in my garter belt and stockings. My ***** was really sore and I knew right then that I wasn’t waking up from a dream. I slipped out of bed trying not to wake David. I grabbed my robe and went down the hall looking for Jeff.


Jeff saw me with that big smile saying he heard and watched everything even when we were in the bedroom!  We got David ready and dropped him off at his truck as we said our good byes.

Reflecting to myself I said, “Oh my God.....I can’t believe what happened. Thinking to myself, I wonder if Jeff would be up for teasing someone else next Saturday night!




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Apr 5, 2009