Wondering What The American Recovery And Reinvestment Act -- President Obama's Stimulus Bill -- Has Accomplished? Look At This:

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Thanks Sara but what do you think of the graph?.........................smiles<br />
Oh.... and you're looking good too. :-P

Looking good!!!

Absolute agreement on Us standing up to the gov't..<br />
i don't mind giving the 99 yr old the extra 6 months... just understand this was an attempt to lure republicans by cost cutting.... you know us dems aren't adverse to spending money... tell your guys to get on board and we can go shopping like Palin............smiles<br />
i am off to work.... be back later

So..........we don't disagree completely...........smiles<br />
I want to see healthcare that takes care of everyone but as I age I can see some logic to limiting something like a 300,000.00 operation to extend a life for 6 months.<br />
If you are 99 years old what would be the point of a penis implant?...........smiles<br />
I agree everyone in America should get the same coverage............politicians should not be considered special in any way........I also think their raises should be out of their hands.<br />
When you live off our taxes you shouldn't make 100 times the average income in America.<br />
I also believe that family should accept responsibility for family members.<br />
Nursing homes should be regulated closely and any abuse should be cause to shut them down

OSS.....you are absolutely correct that those stats aren't showing up.<br />
This is nothing new. They never include those figures in the reports.<br />
I noticed the same thing in every economic downturn since I began paying attention to such things when I was about 16 years old.<br />
The graph looks pretty good and the good news is when you see a graph progressing as this one is... it shows the trend is good and getting stronger.<br />
The next steps, if not blocked by the opposition, will help to strenghten tho recovery.<br />
These steps are as follows:<br />
Healthcare reform has to be passed in some form that would control costs to the people and everyone needs to be covered.<br />
The providers need to be regulated as we all should know by now Anthem Insurance has announced a 39% increase in their rates. That is unforgivable but so is the fact that healthy people don't have insurance....but this goes back to affordability. I am a little radical on this because I hate corporations, but I think nationalization should not be off the table...smiles<br />
<br />
The money returned by the banks should in fact go towards helping small businesses.<br />
Banks should be regulated in such a way that they are required to open themselves to loan to small businesses.........if not I really like that N word.... yep that's right...nationalization........smiles<br />
<br />
Last but not least since the TARP monies have 40% left unspent ...That money needs to go to creating green jobs and for retraining those who are outside the ability to obtain work otherwise.<br />
<br />
I am angry as hades at the supreme court and the ability for corporations to fund campaigns...<br />
If I am held tp a 2500 dollar limit they should be as well. If they want to give all their workers money to give to that purpose that should be in the form of a raise with no ability to coerce employees to use it for that purpose... they should have the right to pay bills if they want to.<br />
This would cut the corporate contributions considerably and give the American people to a possibility of getting the results they really want.<br />
If the supreme court wants to weild supreme power in America they need to stay out of political decisions such as selecting a person for president. With that body leaning left or right it should exclude itself from those kinds of decisions...........if not............well ...nationalization...smiles<br />
.<br />
Ah heck lets talk about the opposition.............nationalization................lol

Yeah progress is being made.......it was a deep hole to dig out of.........still a long way to get back to economic health