Tonights Waiting

(May contain vulgarity or sexual words...)   Duh...

We only see each other less than once a week... The sex never gets old, yet I like to keep it nasty as possible.

Tonight, you call me from the road to let me know you are about 2 hours away, finally...
I have a special treat planned, I want to be your sex slave tonight.

What you do not know, is that from your phonecall, I have prepared myself for you.  I have taken a shower, shaved everything but my head....
I have inserted the plug that you bought for me and find soooo kinky.

You called again to ask what I want to eat, I tell you anything you want and ask you to your surprise "Does Master want some head first thing when he gets here?"  You reply, yes, that would be nice but you have to stop talking that way or I wont be able to go in the place to get dinner.

Yes master, I reply and hang up the phone, knowing you are turned on and have to wait.

When you pull in the driveway, I walk up to your truck in stilettos, outfit including a short skirt, pink and black lace undies you bought for me at Victorias Secret that I have not worn yet, and wearing the surprise plug.  I have applied hooker makeup including dark red lipstick and black eye makeup.   You open your door with your pants unzipped, Master holding out his member for slave to service before he even gets out of the truck.

Master gets out, gives slave a hug and tells slave she must wait until he eats dinner to finish servicing him.   Slave places Master's hand on the plug and walks back to the house.  She hears Master tell her she has been naughty and needs to be punished.

We come in and have dinner, steak, almost rare to give us energy for the events to ***...

The whole time, I sit oppisite Master giving him peaks of the pink and black panties.

Master is making slave hold out, knowing that she is so horney she is almost in pain with the plug in.

Master looks at slave and once again unzips his pants.  Take your panties off and get in the floor, Master commands.
Spread your legs and pull your skirt up so I can see everything.

I place my mouth on Master and proceed to service him.  He grabs me by the hair and shows me how he likes it.

Stop, go to the kitchen table and put your face on it, Master commands.

Master waits a few minutes before he follows slave.

Master pulls up slave's skirt and presses himself against slave.  Master reaches inside slave's shirt and unhooks the bra.  Master shoves his self inside slave as he gropes His **** and proceeds to f*&^ slave.

Turn around and open your mouth, Master commands.  Master has a huge load he proceeds to pump down slave's throat.  Slave is still left wanting to ***, but does not yet have Master's permission. 

Master has other tasks planned before slave is allowed to ***.

We walk in the house
36-40, F
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Aaahh am horny reading ths it is such an erotic story am weting