A Flight On Southwest I'll Never Forget

I was flying from san francisco to san diego for a day trip - early to the airport for the cattle call approach on Southwest. There was a cute guy there - we'd both checked each other out and we'd settled into some outrageously queer flirting with each other. We sat next to each other on a 'two' side .. an older plane where yu can move up the armrests to get them out of the way. It was sooooo early that it seemed like everyone around us was takng a little 'catch up' nap under those questionalbly clean blue blankets they (used to) offer. Soooooo..... mr dreamy-eyes reaches into my blanket, takes my hand, and places it over his opened zipper (all under blankets, of course) which, had (no surprise) a delightful and slightly firm surprise inside. For the next 30 minutes I stroked the daaarlings thing-y - seeing how hard it would get (giggles, LOVING the little pole tent he'd make) and then backing off - only to start it all over again when it started to deflate. I could have made him *** a half dozen times during that flight, but always stopped - JUST short. I THINK the flight attendant gave me a wicked wink at one point (he was cute TOO) and by the time we were landing, my seat companion was back to normal and zipped up. We were getting off the plane, out of the ramp, and just as I was about to suggest a coffee and conversation, a *gorgeous* woman (what, you think **** can't appreciate a sexy woman?) comes up and wraps her arms around him!

you NEVER NEVER know.
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3 Responses Aug 3, 2010

I'm sure it did! I only hope you didn't ruin him for her.... LOL!

giggles... I thought of that ... imagining her thinking that dreamy-eyes was totally chaste in his absence. I also wonder, if she started giving him head, just *who* the lovely boy was thinking of. Smiles - would like to think some of that *** came from fond airplane memories

Sounds like you had fun... but think of how fast he must have come when his girl started in on him... she was probably all WTF when he shot of a HUGE load after only a lick or two by her....