Discovered And Punished - Two

Rex had me over his knees... unable to move, unable to fight, unable to do anything but take my punishment and hope I liked it....

Me, Sabrina, being spanked! One of the very things I had long vowed that I would never be! NEVER! I would never submit to this kind of humiliation, degradation, punishment... being treated like I am a child... having a man so DOMINATE me... but here I was....

Richard stood across the room, smiling... watching as my *** was slapped... over and over and over again... Rex had me helpless, and after a few minutes I couldn't help myself... I heard myself screaming... I heard myself pleading... I felt my legs try and kick as if I was a little girl of 7 being spanked for being naughty...

Rex made no secret of how much he was enjoying this... "So, think yourself so clever... having two boyfriends at once, you little ****, you... SLAP... think you can get away with that, huh? Treat your men like you are better than us, huh? SLAP Well, little girl, you are in your DADDY'S hands now... SLAP... and you are being spanked SLAP.. .like the little ***** you are.... " SLAP

My *** cheeks burned... they stung... they hurt like HELL... I felt tears on my face... whether from the pain or the humiliation or BOTH... I don't know... then I half heard and half saw Richard coming across the room holding his belt...

"Your hands are probably hurting Rex, let me use this on her."

"NOOOOO!" I cried out, but it was no good...


The belt came down on my already red asscheeks and I bawled like the caught and punished baby brat I knew I was....oh, GOD! I screamed and bawled and cried....

The two of you left me then... you just dumped me on the bed and walked away laughing... I was so humiliated... I knew that I had pushed my luck... first trying so hard to Domme you, Rex, I had you tied up... diapered... I did my best to humiliate you... and then, when I met Richard, instead of making a clean break with you I tried to have my **** and **** it too... to keep both of you on a string... to use you both... only to now find out that I would pay for that...

After a few minutes Richard came back... he rolled me over on my stomach ... I thought he was going to begin spanking me again, but instead he rubbed a soothing cream onto my ***...

"I found this stuff in Spain, believe it or not.. it soothes the nerves... calms the pain... you won't be able to tell what we just did to you in a moment or two... I mean, the red will come back in a few hours, but this will enable you to continue without as much pain or unsightly discoloring... they use it in ***** houses, so I think it's appropriate we use it on you." He rubbed in on me for another few moments and I felt a cooling relief in my *** cheeks… my tears stopped… I thought maybe the worst was over.

“Thank you, Richard. Will you untie me now?”

“Untie you, you little ****? What?” He fiddled with the robes, making them tighter even than Rex had, rebound me in places, strung a few of the robes to a ring attached to the ceiling, then turned me over, his hand to my throat.

“My little *****… we have only just begun with you….”

I was filled with erotic fear again… I could feel myself flush with anticipation… with tension… I could feel my ***** filling with my personal fluids… I was helpless in their hands… they could do anything to me… anything at all… I had acted the ***** to them and now they were treating me as one…

“Rex… would you like to **** your little *** ****? I think she is ready for us!”

“With pleasure, Richard… but please… I insist that you go first… after all, I had her first last time. It is only fair that you get first crack at her hole this time.”

“Well, that seems fair… you are quite the gentleman… much more of a gentleman than a dirty girl like this deserves… could you give me a hand in getting her on her knees?”

“Certainly!” I saw Rex come over and join Richard… in only moments they had turned me over… none too gently either… their hands all over my breasts, my thighs, grabbing at my ***** too, as they flipped me.  I felt the ball gag being fitted back into my mouth, and even though I tried stopping them, they had it tied again in moments.

I was there, arms bound behind me… on my knees… Rex stood before me… Richard behind me… I heard Richard’s voice… “Get ready, ****.” And then I felt his massive, engorged phallus pound into my wide open ***** from the rear.

I cried out! I couldn’t help it! I cried out into the gag because of the size of his organ… because of my helplessness… because of my humiliation… because of the wonderful feeling I had from being so totally and wonderfully filled… from the exquisite pleasure of feeling my ***** stretched by his magnificent ****….

“What a screamer… say, Rex… good thing we got that ball gag into her again!”

“I was just going to say the same thing… I think our sex slave is a bit too noisy, even if the nearest house is a half mile away….”

Richard continued to pound my *****… I heard him moaning from behind me… his free masculine voice joining my gagged feminine one… the two of us in a crescendo of sexual release… I felt him *** in me in waves… his **** thicker than ever with his ***** shooting through it and into me… I felt it smack into my cervix and bring me to a screaming ****** of my own….  I felt Richard pull out… the last rope of his *** hitting my ***…. my ***** feeling empty without him in it…. I started to collapse on the bed. Rex grabbed me… pulled me off and across the room to another room… another bed… this one with a red sheet on it…

“I don’t want you getting the master bed all wet, you *** ****… I may be sleeping in it tonight… I think this kids room is more your style anyway… get on your knees!” I managed to get to them, although all I wanted was to collapse and enjoy the feeling of my climax…. But it was not to be… in seconds Rex was behind me… his **** pushing against my swollen labia… pushing into my tight *****… he pushed my head down to the bed… “Head down, *** up! Just the position for a *****!”

“UGH!” I couldn’t cry out with the ball gag in my mouth… but I never felt anything like this before… extreme pleasure mixed with pain… the **** in me felt so good… but also hurt! I was sore and tender from my first *****-pounding… it was too soon for another! Especially by someone as big as Rex… as aggressive as Rex, as insistent and pounding as this… I tried screaming… I tried moving my ***… I tried wriggling away… nothing worked…

“You like this, don’t you, you little cumslut… if I took that ballgag out you would be singing with pleasure… you NEED to feel a man in you…. You NEED to get pounded…”

The thing was … even with my tender *****… Rex was right… I DID enjoy it… I DID love the feeling of his **** in me… I DID enjoy the pounding… and the ropes and gag added to my pleasure… it made me somehow liberated to enjoy my humiliation, I could feel myself reaching another ******… felt it rise up within me…. Sweep over me… I was screaming in pleasure into the gag… my ***** gripping Rex’ ****… my waist bucking against me… then I felt him *** inside me and I came again… and again….

I collapsed on the bed… and this time they let me…. I fell into a light sleep…

I could hear the two men in the other room… hear them open a bottle of wine… talk… I caught only brief bits of their talk…

Then after an hour maybe they were back… they undid my ropes a bit… had me put on wooden platform shoes… slutty ones… and we walked a bit to get my circulation back again… we ended up in a room with a bed and a couch… all three of us naked… two of us with monster erections… one of us with vaginal juices mixed with ***** running down her thighs….

“On the couch, *****…” Rex said… I didn’t argue… I climbed up. “You wanted two men… you are going to have two men… one in the front and one behind you… get ready!”

Could I tell them this was one of my all-time fantasies? Could I tell them how my ***** juices started flowing at the thought? How my mouth started watering? No way! But they did! Richard was in front of me and Rex behind me… and they ****** my ***** and mouth and I – their *** **** – loved it! I came from the friction in the back and the lovely taste in the front… It was lovely… if I could have stayed that way, in the position for days I would have…. **** in front of me… **** in back… a dream come true…. Two men taking me… two men ******* me… heaven!

The three of us came at about the same time… the men sat down afterwards… I was on my stomach… after a few moments I dared to ask if I could use the restroom… it had been a while since I had had a chance to pee and I needed to badly.

“Oh, really?” asked Rex. I could hear something in his voice…. “And the other day when you had me in diapers I told you that one day the roles would be reversed!” He was on his feet and out of the room in seconds… coming back with an adult diaper. He had me on my back in seconds… the diaper behind me… folded over… tabs connected.

“Now… if you need to pee… pee in the diaper like the little naughty girl you are!” I stared down at it… my humiliation complete…. I who only days before had been a Domme… had in just one day been brought to this… tied, gagged, taken front and back.. spanked… now diapered! I felt my *** and the two men's *** leaking out of me into the diaper.  Could my humiliation go any further?

Richard got up… crossed to a drawer opened it, withdrew something and came over to me.

“I have a collar. If I put this on you, it will only be with your agreement. If you agree, you will be my sex slave forever.” He held it up…. “Yes? Or NO?”
I looked at it… at him…. At the collar… at Him… at the collar… at HIM.

"A... A.... sex slave?"

"Yes, a sex slave.  Mine.  Mine to do with as I please.... mine to have at any time.... in any way.... even to share if I want.  An obedient sex slave."

What?  Me?  A sex slave?  To be owned by Richard?  To do his ... His.... bidding in any way, at any time.... to serve Him... even to be given away by him to another man?  To be completley subservient to a man....?


I looked at Him again... I looked over at Rex, who I knew Richard would probably share me with... I thought of the past few hours... of being tied, spanked, ******, diapered....

I said…. “Yes.”

I was now a diapered, collared sex slave.  I have never felt so wonderful in my life.
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Definitely a favorite.

You are a very very lovely writer.Nice descriptions even without pictures the pictures were visible in your writing.<br />
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Love your story as well as the pictures.

Mercy, and thank you

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Thank you, msshelly!