Happy Distraction~

You were sitting at your desk, working on your computer, when I started massaging your shoulders. You sighed a little, but remain focused on your work. I then start kissing your neck. You moan a little...but you're still very focused on your computer. I then move my hands under your shirt to play with your breasts. You bite your bottom lip a little & caress the side of my neck...but again, most of your attention is directed at your computer.

I then go back to kissing your neck when I start caressing your breasts. Squeezing them while rubbing your nipples. You roll your eyes into the back of your head & finally give in to my advances. I have you all to myself now~

You cut your computer off, stand up & place my hands on your exquisite ***. You're wearing a very sexy, tiny black thong. The one you know that drives me absolutely crazy! Every time you wear it, it makes me want to rip them off of you do very sexy & naughty things to your ***.

I squeeze away on your curvy backside while I passionately kiss your lips. My tounge becoming one with your tounge. You then start playing with the very sizeable buldge that looks like it's getting ready to rip my pants wide open. I moan in your mouth while you're kissing me. You then take me by hand & lead me to your bed. You make me stand in front of you while you sit down on your bed. You unzip my pants & pull out my huge, throbbing, hard ****. You hold it in your hands & lovingly stroke it as it continues to be aroused by your soft, warm touch.

You then take the tip of it into your mouth while tightly holding the base of my shaft. You intensly stroke my shaft while you gently suck on the tip of my ****. The whole time, I think i'm gonna lose it & just unload in your mouth. But every time you bring me to the point of having an ******, you slow down & softly kiss my stomach over & over. You then hold my **** up & lick the entire length of my shaft. You take the tip of my **** back in your mouth & continue to suck on it. I place my hands on your soft cheeks while you look back at me with a very sexy stare. You're looking at me like you're daring me to ***...but at the same time, if I did, you would love it.

You then stand up, take your t-shirt & thong off & lay dnown on the bed. You then start rubbing your very sweet tasting **** while licking your right nipple. I quickly get out of my clothes & spread your legs. I wrap them around my head so I can feel your warm, soft inner thighs pressed against my face. I take your **** in to my mouth & suck on it while I finger you with my index finger. I look up at you & see you reaching for things that aren't even there while moaning your lungs out. I then start licking & kissing on your inner thighs when you begin to beg me to **** you.

I place your legs on my shoulders while I slowy inch my hard, throbbing **** in side your soaking wet *****. I don't thrust away inside you yet. Just taking my time while I slowly grind my **** deep inside you. I then place your feet on my chest & gently begin to pound away inside you. You're laying there looking so beautiful. You're amazing breasts are boucing up & down, your nipples completely standing at attention, your hair half covering your face. I begin to increase my thrusting speed when you reach up & hold on to the headboard of the bed. Your moaning is starting to get louder. I can tell it's coming right from the pit of your stomach. It's really turning me on! You then remove your feet away from my chest & wrap your legs around my waist. You're on the verge of having an ****** when you tell me to *** inside you. You want our ******* to merge to create this intense tidal wave of sexual euphoria!

I thrust a little more until our ******* hit at the same time. It is so intense, that our bodies could not move for several seconds. There were no sounds...just quietness. Our eyes tightly shut, our mouths wide open, my back hunched up like a cat when it's stretching, your legs squeezing my waist in an anaconda like vice grip...we finally let go & just came all over each other. It was sexy, nasty & VERY hot!

I laid my head down between your breasts while you gently ran your nails across my back. We were so worn out, we couldn't say a thing. We just laid there, covered in sweat & ***.

I finally gathered enough energy to apologize for distacting you from your computer. You laugh at first then smile. You told me you were happy to be distracted by what we just did, than anything else.

Damn! What a happy distraction this was~

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haha!! Yes indeed! ;-) Very happy you liked my story here, SB!

Hippie- this was a very Happy distraction indeed :)

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Awww! Thanks Pam :-) You are so sweet! I'm happy you liked my story~