Time For A Swim?

The sun was heading to its highest point and in two hours it would get there. It was only mid-morning but the grains of golden sand glowing on Faron beach were already too hot to walk on bare foot. The cool blue sea lapped gently onto beach and its lack of urgency was one of the reasons that Faron was known to relax the body and draw the trauma of a hectic daily life from ones soul. Trees lined the edge of the beach giving shade to those that needed it and acting as a barrier to the outside world. It was a cliché but this was a little piece of heaven and the people who took the time to travel the two hours from civilisation got what they deserved.

Amanda and James loved coming down to Faron, he liked to kick back and let his body absorb the suns healing rays and she liked to bathe in the azure waters and wash away the daily niggles. They would come together at various points in the day but essentially they did their own thing and recharged enough to face the world together again by the time they left. They were very much in love and had been happily married for five years.

The ritual was the same as always, they picked a spot the way all the other people around had done, not too near to anyone and far enough from the water so that they wouldn't have to move when the tide came in. They set up camp with an umbrella and windbreak to give a certain level of privacy and set their mats and towels down to protect them from the heat and abrasive sand. Amanda was a redhead and needed high protection from the sun, it was the main reason she spent so much time in the sea. James had dark hair and enjoyed the sun baking his skin but still knew the dangers of not protecting himself and they helped each other to apply sun screen.

Squirting a liberal amount of cream into his hand James smiled in anticipation of his favourite part of the day. He loved sliding his slippery hands over the beautiful curves of his wife and dipped his hands underneath her skimpy blue bikini with every opportunity. She was short full figured woman with a bouncy arse and breasts that stretched T-shirts enough to make men walk into obstacles through distraction. James was tall and kept in shape and Amanda loved to feel his taught muscles beneath her fingers as she prepared him for his day in the sun. She was careful not to get any cream on his red swimming trunks but couldn't resist slipping a hand down the front and gently cupping his balls and sliding her hand back up his flaccid shaft. They shared a smile and she made a comment about how he needed a trim 'down there' something she was fastidious about maintaining in her own private area. Fully prepared for the sun they lay back and begun their day.

The couple had been lounging in the sun for an hour and Amanda had reached her sun tolerance threshold and she turned to see how James was fairing. He was fast asleep so she woke him and he smiled at her, he lazily turned over and seemed to drift off again. Bored and a little frustrated she grabbed some snorkelling gear and headed to the sea. Amanda loved to look at life in the sea, creatures and forna, but the main reason she went in the water was because the sun made her incredibly horny and the cool water calmed her down. As she reached the waves she dipped her face mask in the water to rinse it and moisten the seal that would keep out the water. She waded deeper and submerged herself ready for her underwater adventure.

About fifteen minutes had past of Amanda following the ebbs and flows of life beneath the waves when she spotted something shinning up from the sea bed. She dived down to get a closer look of what turned out to be a piece of tin foil left over from a previous visitor to the beach. A small jet of water seeped into her mask causing it to mist a little as she headed back to the surface. She spotted Jame's red shorts from a little way off, he was swimming towards her. From her hiding place under the waves she smiled at her idea of having a little fun.

Something brushed past his groin, then clamped on. Fear is a poor word to describe what he felt but there aren’t many words that could do justice to the worry he felt. Looking though the water in panic he caught sight of Amanda’s red hair and it removed all thoughts of unimaginable lurking danger. Realising he was in shallow water he stopped and stood still letting his feet drift to the sandy bed his heart rate beginning to level out from the fear he had felt, although not to a normal rate because of what was happening.

Amanda had followed the route of her target underwater grabbing at his red shorts and not wasting any time in groping and grabbing at his unprepared ****. She was highly amused as James had thrashed and just as quickly become docile as he realised what was going on. When his feet had finished going down to the sea bed his **** in his shorts had risen in her hand. She gently rubbed up and down his length and he became more and more erect. She stayed under the water getting the air she needed through her snorkel and decided that if he wasn't going to swim away then she wasn't going to shy away from continuing to play. It seemed like it was turning into a challenge. James was normally too reserved to play these kinds of games in public but she thought no one could probably see the snorkel poking up, especially if he was facing her away from the beach.

She traced her nails up the inside of his thigh and she felt him tremble under her touch. She tugged at the legs of his shorts pulling them downwards exposing the head of his ****. Removing her mouthpiece she moved her lips to the head of his hard **** and engulfed it with a mouthful of water. She could feel how horny he was as she was forced to stretch her mouth wide to suck and **** his **** with her face. She raised her eyebrow’s at the irony of him loving to hear her tell him how big his **** was and her being unable to do so at the moment, but it was big right now, poor him! If they measured **** sizes like breasts sizes he was normally a E but today he was definitely at least an F, maybe even G. He wasn't just longer. he seemed fuller, more of a handful or two hands full. She continued to gobble hungrily on his **** and tease his balls through his shorts stopping for breath through her snorkel as she needed to. She could tell he was loving it as his hands reached around her head and he thrust his **** in and out of her where normally he would just let her do all the work.

Getting a little giddy through lack of air she decided it was her turn or at least time to try to get her turn, she realised this was going to get a little less discrete than it had been and might force an end to the situation but she had to try. She turned her body away from James, bent over under water. She pressed her generous arse against his ****, trying everything she could to keep things going. She felt his hands on her hips and he pushed her slightly away from himself, she smiled. She was face down in the water with her back exposed to the hot sun but still mostly submerged. She felt him tug at her bikini bottoms and he slipped them right off, she turned below the water to see him pocket them in his shorts and shivered despite how warm she was at the thought of being so exposed. She knew he loved her arse and wasn't surprised at how long he spent admiring her fleshy butt. His hand snaked under her waist and she could feel the air surround her naked arse. She realised her ***** was also above the water line and trusted James enough to know that the whole beach couldn't see her. She felt his tongue on her smooth *****, he traced down her lips all the way to her naval then nothing for a couple of second. All of a sudden she felt his soft lips against her swollen **** as if he had taken a moment to find it, like he missed it the first time. He circled his tongue around her gorgeous **** until excitement shuddered through her making her buck against his face.

His face pulled away from her mound and she could feel it being replaced by what she had been craving from earlier, as soon as she had felt how much bigger than usual it was. His thick head slipped into her soaking ***** and her underwater squeals hit the surface of the water as bubbles. The walls of her ***** were delighted by how stretched they felt and how deep his big fat **** was diving inside her. She bucked again almost *******, horny as hell with both the situation and how full of **** she was. Then it began, it started slow but it built with a continuous increase in pace. He ****** her harder and harder his **** pounding into her ***** like a pneumatic drill. His hands grasped at her bikini top pulling it down around her waist like a belt, freeing her heavy large breasts to float unrestricted in the warm water. His hands grasped her breasts teasing her hard nipples, rolling and squeezing them between his fingers. She came, she flooded her juices over his **** and then she came again, and she couldn't believe the feeling of his huge **** ******* her hard. This was her first multiple ******, normally they came together and she wasn't going to miss this opportunity, she bucked and clenched and bounced and filled herself with his **** as deep as she could.

She couldn’t get enough air through the snorkel and had to breach the surface for the first time. Expecting to be looking out to sea she was surprised to see the blurry outlines of people through her misted mask. It was obviously less discrete for James to be ******* her towards the beach and she tore at her mask, removing it to make sure it wasn’t an illusion. No, there was the beach full of people! She could hear the sounds of people not to far away, playing and enjoying themselves in the sea taking no notice of her. She traced the beach with her eyes and found her spot, her camp. There were her things and there was James still sleeping on his towel. What?! If James is still there then what the **** is, I mean who the **** is!? Amanda propelled herself away from the thrusting fat ****, closer to the shore. A twisting feeling in her stomach and tears springing in her eyes, she got closer to the edge of the water. When she finally had the courage to turn she could see 4 or 5 guys from roughly the area where she thought she had been. Who the **** had been screwing me? She couldn’t be sure!

She realised at this point she had lost her bikini bottoms to the random lothario. What was she going to do? She couldn’t just start asking people who had her bikini bottoms. She pulled up the top of her bikini and realised how ridiculous it would be to walk back with the top but not the bottom. Embarrassed she removed her top, balled it in her hand and emerged from the water, she wasn’t an exhibitionist so striding across the beach with her beautiful bouncing **** and curves no man could resist staring at took all her courage. She quietly retook her place next to her husband awaiting him to awake and hoping she could come up with a reason she was lying naked next to him. Her head was pounding.

Her mind fixated on her situation she played through the despicable acts of the stranger and realisation dawned on her. What had he done wrong? He was minding his own business and started getting his **** sucked, she had presented her arse to him to toy with and fondle and all he had done was take advantage of a fortunate situation. All she had known was he was wearing red shorts! The bigger **** should have been a sign and as if completing a jigsaw she remembers it was completely hairless, beautifully groomed just as she loved. Had she known subconsciously but done it anyway? No.. this was just a massive mistake, a massive embarrassing mistake!

Another five minutes past. That **** was good though she thought hungrily and that ****** was probably the best she’d ever had. A wicked smile crossed her lips. This is kind of like Cinderella she thought, if the prince finds someone who fits that bikini then he could make them his princess or at least the princess could make him blow his load. She also knew the prince knew who the princess was. Oh god, the suns making me feel horny again she thought.

Time for a swim?
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Beautiful story.

Thank you.