A Shower To Remember~

I had a vision of you & I in the shower. I would have had the soap in my hands & washed your body. My soapy hands would have covered your skin with a nice light massage. I would have started with behind you, soaping your shoulders & neck.

Then, my hands would have found their way down your arms & then up your sides. I would have pulled you into me & you would have felt my growing excitement against your bare *** as my hands would have found your sweet delectable breasts.

The soap in my hands would work into a great lather as I massaged your breasts. With each upward massage, i would end with your hardened nipples between my thumb & forefinger until they were the only things holding your full breasts up. Just before they fell from my fingers, I would give them an extra squeeze that would make you moan & fall deeper into my hard chest.

I would continue massaging your breasts until the soap started to wash away from the spray of hot water from the shower. I would begin to kiss, nip & lick your long sexy neck as one hand would drop to your stomach. I would trace the outline of your body with my fingers, going ever so slowly & ever so southward. You would begin to gasp as my fingers both pinched one nipple then the other as my second hand found its way to your mound.

Your legs would spread as you felt my fingers lightly touch the hair that has now become wet from both the shower & from within. A groan would escape my lips as I felt your hand reach behind you & grab my hard, wet, shaft. As your hand begins to stroke me you feel my fingers begin to spread your lips of passion. I begin to grind my hips into your hand as you squeeze & pull on my rod. Your hips gyrate trying to have my fingers find their way inside of you. Finally, I let my one finger slip past your sweet lips & you groan in pleasure & squeeze my **** hard.

You feel my fingers begin to slide in & out of you. Slowly at first, then a little faster. Your breathing becomes rapid & erratic & I stop not wanting you to *** too fast. I pull my finger from within you & pull it to my lips & let it slide into my mouth & taste the sweet tanginess of you. Slowly, I turn into you & kiss you deeply & you sigh as I begin to push you forward slightly. You release my shaft & let me place my tip at your opening.

You try to move backward, but I stop you with my strong hands & begin to slide my **** up & down your wet slit. I let your juices run out of you and onto my shaft making it wet and slick. You whimper for me to put it inside you. When I have decided that it is time, & that my **** is coated with your slick honey, I bring the head to your opening & I begin to slide inside of you. I continue to slowly slide in you, never pulling out, until I am all the way in & as deep as I can go. The suddenness & complete fullness makes you groan deeply for the entire time I slide my hard, hot, wet **** into you.

Slowly I begin to slide myself out, but only till my head is still in you. Again you feel me slide back in, all the way in & then back out. I continue like this, slowly making love to you as the shower heats us to an unimaginable temperature. As the heat continues to rise, my pace begins to quicken, but never do my strokes ever dwindle.

Your moaning & breathing starts to come in shorter & shorter gasps. I tell you to drop a hand & put it on your hard little ****. As you comply, sparks fly through your head as you feel my hands on your hips & your finger on your ****. You begin to rub yourself as my **** thrusts in & out of you. You begin to feel the pressure build as your finger makes little circles on your **** & my **** rubs the inside of your hot, throbbing *****. As this familiar pressure builds, you beg me not to stop. I can hear you say through gasps of breath, "Oh God, **** me……don't stop, oh God, please don't stop. You feel so good, ohhhhh……so…… ******* gooooood" I increase my pace, slamming my **** into you. Your wetness is surrounding my shaft & I can feel the pressure beginning to build in me. Again I hear you say, "Yes, oh God, Yes. That's it,…..deeper….. harder. **** Me, Oh God, ****…… Oh ****…..Oh God, I can feel it,…………….I can feel it *******…………..OH GOD……OH……OHHHHHHHHH, OH GOD…….I'M CUMMMMMING…….OHHHHHHHHH" & the pressure is soon released from the inner most depths of your body. Your legs begin to shake & your hips jerk as wave after wave of pleasure rips through your body. Feeling your ***** contract & hold my ****, I can no longer control my own explosion & I *** with one last thrust deep inside your pulsating *****. Feeling me fill you with my seed while your whole body ***'s, makes your ****** last longer.

Finally, after both of our bodies stop their uncontrollable shaking, I slowly pull out of you & you turn to face me. We kiss tenderly, then passionately. You nip at my tongue, lips & mouth. Smiling, you pull your head back & tell me that we're not done yet….. I smile back, wondering what you have in your mind….

*you nibble on my bottom lip while we kiss*

31-35, M
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Need... Want... Lust for this...

Oh my! *blushes* ;-)

Come on now... Is the person who writes these really blushing this much? ;)

haha!! I'm just really happy you like my stories. ;-)

Mmm hmm turning me into an insatiable animal over here

Mmmm! *fans myself* ;-)

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All to close to home. Oh how I long to be saved from an exsistanse without my souls one true match.

Mad pirate skills!!!!!

haha!! *blushes* ;-) Thank you!

Need a shower big enough for that... Whew!!!

haha! I'm glad you liked my story here, sir! :-)

Oh HIPPIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOT!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)

*blushes* ;-)

I'm happy you thought it was hot! :-)