Cold Steel On Warm Flesh, Part One

He sent this piece to me a day ago. As I read it, I felt my **** spasm.

How would you feel about being on all fours?  Collared and leashed, my **** fresh out of your mouth. You go to stand and you're not able to. My foot is on the chain holding your head in place. My knee now resting on your shoulder, reaching back, running my hand across your *** and up your back lightly. Goosebumps appear, then a sharp sting on your ***, as my hand lands on it. A sharp contrast to the light touch just moments ago. Again reaching back, drawing my fingertips across your *** and back. Another solid slap to the other cheek.

Then moving my foot from the chain, I draw it under you and between your legs.  Pulling your head down further.  You're forced to lean on your forearms, face on the carpet.  Again I stand on the chain, freeing both hands.  Running my hand in light circles across your left *** cheek. Another resonating slap.  You moan and whimper in lust and pain. Again with the other cheek.  Both of them starting to turn a nice pink color. A beautiful contrast to your pale white skin. You move a touch, and I pull the chain up. You may not have planned to move away, but I will make sure you don't.  Pulling up on the chain causes the cold metal to pull taut against the warm flesh of your belly.  Pulling a little harder and up again, the cold steel hits your most sensitive parts. Your ***** is divided as the chain parts your lips, and presses hard against your ****.  Pulling the chain harder and toward your head, your sweet puckered ******* is now assaulted by the cold metal.  You gasp aloud, breathing heavy.  Partly from the pain and pressure of the chain, but more so from the intense feeling of lust and wonderment of what is transpiring.

With the chain still pulled tight, I kneel next to you, you can see my hard **** bobbing just out reach of your face. Your mouth involuntarily parts, wishing I would allow you the pleasure of my throbbing warm **** in your mouth.  I lean down closer to you, and you can feel my breath on your neck and ear.  Your eyes strain to look far enough sideways to see me.

"Tonight you're my *****, my ****, my toy," I breathe into your ear. "Your ***** belongs to me, your mouth is mine to do with as I please. Your *** is also my property this evening. You will submit, or you will be punished."

With that I pull slowly and firmly on the chain. The skin on your neck is pulled taut as the collar cuts into you. Your ***** lips are now wrapped around the chain. You can feel the chain is not perfectly smooth as it tugs at your sensitive *******.

"Blow me a kiss if you understand me."

Your purse your lips and make a kissing motion. I release the chain, and you nearly fall forward. A loud moan escapes your lips as you have the first of many ******* the evening has to offer.

I bend and kiss your cheek.

"Good girl," I whisper before I stand and walk away.
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Oh yeah, that's what I need. A good little ***** just like that.