Cold Steel On Warm Flesh, Part Two

The thing you need to know about Chef is that much of the time we've talked about non-sexual things. Sure, we banter a lot, and he's sent me a zillion **** shots and some really sweet pics of his *** getting probed with a *****, but by and large, we've had a friendly sort of online relationship. He tells me what he's making for dinner, or some frustration about his workplace, I tell him about my class.  We're just a man and a woman spending a bit of time together, enjoying each other's company.

He's younger than me by a fair bit, although we escape the cougar designation by three years.  At least based on one source I know.  I can't find the definition online, but a pal once told me a cougar is someone who dates a guy whose age is less than half her own plus 7.  I'm perilously close to 50.  Do the math, and you'll find my gentleman friend is 35.  Other sites are not so generous in their definition; I've read that a 10 year age difference is sufficient to label a woman a cougar.


All I know is that I like him a great deal.  He's a 20 years younger version of J, the man I plan to meet in ten days.  And since that man and I have made a deal to keep faith with each other, at least until we meet in person and test drive the crazy attraction we feel online, my youthful cyber lover has stepped up his game.

He's aggressively pursuing me, tempting me with such pieces as the collar and chain one I shared with you recently.  Reminding me that, at heart, while he's eager for me to peg him, he is a Dom.  A surprisingly articulate, skillful Dom.  A man who wants to have Milky, but who wants her to be happy, even if it's with another man.  It's that unselfish desire that makes him so very dear to me.

‪me‬: That collared and leashed piece....
tell me, Chef
Are you up for it?
Would you really treat me just like that if I asked you very nicely?
‪Him‬: The question isn't if I'm up for it... it's can I find a chain the right length
‪me‬: I have faith in you, darlin
Him‬: I don't think I would treat you like that at first... even though we chat and what not... 3D as you call would take a little warming up... nerves and all
‪me‬: yes, love, it would 
but you do know...
I really do want it
I'm not pretending
Him‬: but by the end of the night, your ***** would be mine to do with as I saw fit
whether it be **** it, lick it, watch you play with it, slap it, or ignore it to see how intense you would beg me to touch it.... it would be mine

‪me‬: I've got news for you, Chef….
if it weren't for J...
my ***** would be yours already
the minute you got that hall pass
I considered you fair game
I would love to give you me
and to take you
not at the same time, obviously
I'd want you to top first
‪Him‬: I mean this in the nicest way I can and out of sheer jealousy and spite... I hope he chokes and you two don't hit it off.... that being said.. the part of me that cares for you hopes it goes very well and you get what you deserve and need
so conflicted

‪me‬: you're not the only one, bucko
milkynips milkynips
46-50, F
Jan 20, 2013