Cold Steel On Warm Flesh, Part Three

When lovers engage via the internet, there are certain protocols. At least, there are with me and the gentlemen I adore the most.  There's usually a bit of foreplay, some chat to warm things up.  We don't just immediately launch into a session.

God, I can't believe I used that term.  J has been training me online, though, and it's his way of referencing the acts of love which we perform.  He's quite the master of BDSM stuff, and "session" apparently is part of that crowd's lingo.  Despite my occasional mocking of his adherence to that vocabulary, I'm tremendously excited to meet him, to feel his hands on me, to taste his kisses, and to be tied up with his ropes.  I hope he'll want to use me, and that he desires my company in the future as well.  I'm pretty sure I'll want him, though I suppose in-person chemistry may be different than what we've shared via chat, correspondence, phone and cam.

If for some reason J and I don't hit it off, there's a man I plan to see without delay. 


Shortly after J and I struck our deal to go steady in 3D, at least until we actually...y' in 3D, Chef told me he'd negotiated a hall pass from his wife so that we could be together.  I felt awful telling him that I was off the market, but a promise is a promise, and I feel something very powerful for J.  The Force is strong in that one, let me tell you.  I'll know soon enough if it's going to be an ongoing thing with J.

If not, I'll be okay.  Because The Force is pretty ******* strong in Chef as well.  Even though he reminds me more of Han Solo than a Jedi Knight.  What I mean by The Force is not exclusively limited to members of that Order.  It's that badass attitude, that devil may care smile, that somethin' somethin' that a man has when he knows what he wants and he has a plan to get it.

Where was I?  Right, the whole foreplay thing.  There's aftercare, too.  The men I love the most don't just **** and fuggedaboutit.  We might be slightly stupid, both of us, immediately after *******, and just bid each other farewell.  But later, when we catch up again, we'll revisit what we've done, reflect on it, savour it.  It's a really sweet time to replay the good parts and explore what we love most.  Always building a database of knowledge about each other so we can please more, rachet up the thrills, linger on the good stuff.

‪me‬: Chef?
‪Him‬: Ma'am?
‪me‬: Did I mention how much that piece turned me on?
Him‬: You might have said it in passing 
You're more than welcome to edit it and use it if you want. I've stopped posting since I've got a **** and no one reads things written by people with dicks

‪me‬: It really is wonderful
You have a skill with narrative
The vocabulary is so evocative
Do you read a lot of Literotica?
Him‬: You can use it wherever you please.. it was written for you so it is yours
and I don't read any Literotica.

‪me‬: What do you read for entertainment?
Or do you mostly watch films and television?
‪Him‬: Used to be Piers Anthony, then Adams, recently I've just grabbed what ever looked good and had fantasy in it
‪me‬: Douglas Adams?
Him‬: the same
‪me‬: Love that man. 
Great loss.
Him‬: I watch TV and Films as well... but I'm a guy when it comes to that... if it isn't blowing up or bleeding I probably won't watch it
‪me‬: ha
‪Him‬: Well I won't choose to watch it
That Barber movie with Johnny Depp.... no idea it was a musical... but i started it... so i finished it... and i liked it

‪me‬: I have yet to see it
I saw it on the stage
‪Him‬: I'm sure it doesn't compare
‪me‬: I bet the film is better
it has Johnny!!!
Him‬: Last thing I saw on stage was a girl named Diamond... and I'm sure that wasn't her god given name
‪me‬: And Alan Rickman
oh my
a ********?
‪Him‬: She wasn't polishing my shoes
Rickman will always be the crazy German guy from Die Hard to me

‪me‬: not Professor Snape?
‪Him‬: I'm older than that... Die Hard was a bad *** movie
‪me‬: It was, yes
Hans Gruber rules
I did love Willis
the way he risks it all to save his wife
‪Him‬: he did it for kids... she was a *****
‪me‬: oh dear
‪Him‬: well my dear you have me for about 15 more minutes... whatever shall you do with me? hehe
‪me‬: I keep coming back to this sentence:
"Pulling the chain harder and toward your head, your sweet puckered ******* is now assaulted by the cold metal."
I'm hard pressed to think of a Shakespeare quote I like as much.
Him‬: Please that man was a genius… his play on words and all the sex he threw in that most people don't catch
‪me‬: This is pretty much how I'm feeling right now:
"wishing I would allow you the pleasure of my throbbing warm **** in your mouth."
‪Him‬: I'm just a horny ****** with a good imagination
‪me‬: I love horny ******* with good imaginations
you are a modern day Shakespeare
Him‬: Nowhere near my love... but thank you none the less. =)
‪me‬: No, dear man. Thank YOU.
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Jan 20, 2013