When My Moved to Be With Me For the First Time














the night finally arrives,  you drive up into my yard
and instantly my heart skips a beat.  i run up and lunge for you
wrapping my arms around your neck. i instantly smell your cologne and
  my whole body melts as you wrap your arms around me  your face
is so smooth and you look amazing.  its dark out and you just mysteriously
mesmerize me as   i take one look into your eyes and see exactly how much
you missed me and how glad you are to see me again  you lay a very
subtle kiss on me as your hands lightly grip my waist then  with  your
first smile at me and words to me   at that moment i fall more in love
with you than i ever had before and i realize that my dream has finally come
true after all.  my night in shining armor has finally arrived. my prince
charming has come to sweep me away.</



now after meeting my family and hanging out for a little
bit, you excuse us from the family saying that you want to take me out for
a special evening..  to my surprise you have the night already planned out
((  whatever that may be that is your part to fill in ))   after
the evening plans , you take me to a motel room with a jakuzi  i
walk in and i see how you have created a very magical atmosphere there
for our first evening together as a brand new start toward a very
intense and wonderfully exciting future together..    you seem
to be full of surprises throughout the whole night and im
just spellbound by you in every way .  the jaccuzi is on and the
bubbles are seducing me in one way and your cologne is melting me in
others.   i feel like im in heaven at this time .


by this time i am so happy to see you again and im
remembering what it was like to feel loved and spoiled by you that something
just takes over me.   i stand in front of you and we
both just lock eyes as we start to kiss and walk towards the shower
then one piece at a time we begin slowly undressing each other .  you
start the water in the shower when it gets warm we get in .  this whole
time no words are being said at all.  i am beginning to feel more and more
seduced from the atmosphere around me.   the smell of your cologne,
the smoothness of your freshly shaved face, the heat from the shower, the
silence between us, and the bubbles of the jacuzzi i am swept away into the

as we get into the shower we start to snuggle intimately    ((nothing sexual )) just closeness feeling our bodies next to each other
kissing, pressing, hugging, caressing, and just remembering how good it
felt to be near each other again.    as you know this is what
drives me insane and then


i start to change the mood on my own.   i turn the
water off and we get out of the shower and i lead you to the jaccusi still
no words are spoken between us .  our bodies and the atmosphere does
the speaking for us .  you are so calm and very confident acting, towards
me the whole night and it just drives me crazy in the worst
way .  the mood is getting intense and now im starting to
take over .   we get into the water and the bubbles are making me
crazy,so that i push you against the side wall and climb on top of you. 
you just sit there and let me make my moves one by one.  our
bodies are completely pressed against each other and i can feel you wanting me
without you actually saying anything .  i start at your head and run my
fingers through your hair from the back of your neck to the top of your head
.then start kissing and touching you all over . your reactions are just

enough to drive me crazy but still calm and cool no matter what i do you stay in

control of yourself..  i start to kiss you and my hands roam your body as i
float on top of you in the water.  i grab your waist and pull you close to
me feeling you get harder by the second.   i slowly start working my
way down kissing every inch of your body little by little teasing and touching
along the way i know what you are saying with no words needed.  each spot i
kiss i get a little more reaction but still you are calm .   i love
that strength in you.

now it gets more intense as i go lower and lower until i
finally reach the moment you've been waiting for  for a long time. 
with my hands running over your chest i slowly put your **** in to my
mouth.  playing with the head i start to suck you ever so slowly watching
you tense up and squirm while you continue to try to keep strength.  little
by little you start to weaken and i get stronger as you do . i like to feel your

strength around me for as long as possible but its also fun to watch you slowly
weaken after so long of holding out.   meanwhile you are completely
submerged into my mouth and i am in my zone by this time you are under my spell
i continue to suck harder and faster and with each movement from me you get a
little closer to that magical moment . i can feel you getting close and you are
just losing your mind more and more each minute .   i grip on to your
body with both hands and push you closer to my mouth and now im ready for you to

let go .  now you tell me that you are getting close and i put my hands
around your **** and prepare for the moment you have waited for patiently
hoping for but never asking knowing it would make me want to do it more for
you.  its time you tell me i start to feel you pulsate into my mouth and
realease down my throat i start swallowing and sucking until the very last drop
is gone  and feel your whole body just go limp in my hands ....its over now

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3 Responses Mar 7, 2009

All I can say is wow! You certainly know how to tell a great story. You had me hard by the end of it.

oh :) thanks. Yeah being away from your man sucks :( But the memories you can make when he finally comes back will make it all worth the wait ;)

this may be a bit random, but is your bf in the military?? It sort of seems like it by the way you talk about him coming home, I'm just wondering because mine is too :) But if not sorry about the weird question :) <br />
<br />
LOVED your story by the way (and all the others too!) I'm waiting for my man to come home, and its been so long since we've last touched & I imagine how our first night will be back together will be ALL the time!