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   Black lace hugging her thighs, standing only in bra and panties, smiling like only she can. Pulse rising in anticipation as her bra falls to the floor, watching this you get harder, stroking yourself faster. She winks at you and giggles. Tease. Holding br*asts in hands, touching. grabbing, playing with her ni*ples, getting you a little harder, stroking a bit faster. body is aching. yearning for a touch, sliding off panties, past her ankles and on to the floor. Finally shes standing before you in only black high heels. She walks toward you silently and you push her down on to the bed, her legs are hanging over the edge and you grab them and put them over your shoulders. You c*ck slides into her gently and you feel her warmth as you enter. You get the chills as you look up and see yourself mounting her in the mirror. Watching your powerful hands grasping her waist and pulling her deeper she moans. You pull her in, your c*ck buried inside, and your pelvis is pounding against her, harder and harder with each thrust. She wants you to c*m and she wants you to make her c*m, to feel you flooding her with your ej*culation. please make me c*m.  As you're fu*king her she reaches down and touches her cl*t for you, with lust filled eyes. Her br*asts bouncing harder with each thrust. Harder, and harder, Moaning "**** me" Now she grabs both t*ts and plays with them. she arches her back off of the bed in pure pleasure as shes about to c*m. She feels you tighten, all muscles tense,  faster and faster. Pounding harder. thrusting deeper. " yeah, **** me." Clinching on to her hips tightly, you release all of yourself into her. One last thrust.. you lay on top of her, sweat dripping, still in side her, heart galloping, breathing hard, pure bliss..

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1 Response Mar 7, 2009

it is no where near as good as the other stories on here, but I thought I would try, :) not really my forte I guess..