TRUE Story It Occured, Jan 2009

ok so this last weekend my girlfriend and her hubby came to visit me and my boyfriend .....the guys went out for drinks and pool and her and i took a roadtrip to get her puppy

.....when we got home the night turned very quickly .....i went to take a shower and out of nowhere i called my man in with me and just ****** with him playing with his body kissing and caressing and sucking the life out of him......then i stopped when he was getting into it and made him get out and told him to summon my girlfreind to come in ......she came in and had this innocent look on her face and it drove me crazy cuz that look changed damn fast to the im going to **** you up look she gives so well......i made her get in with me and i took the scrubby and soaped it up and just started squeezing the soap over her watching it slide down the front of her she leaned into me with a limp demeanor and i was hooked lol..i ****** with her kissing her neck and slammed her against the walll put my hands on her throat and kissed her intensely

....then i got out lol......she got out and we all got dressed .......we started playing wrestling around and before i knew it she had her hubby on the floor with his **** in her mouth and my man and i were watching and it was interesting ...they started ******* and i started sucking my mans energy little by little teasing and toying with him and then i was ordered by my bf to go over and **** with my gf ..

...i went to her laid under her and my hands just caressed her back up and down while kissing her as her man ****** her from behind....i reached down and sucked on her nipple flicking it with my tongue and with my hand started playing with her cllt she screamed with passion as he ****** her harder and i finger teased her till she tightened up and he made her *** so hard she melted into him.....right behind that my man ************ me and then the guys high fived each other as we both came lol.....omg classic......they finished then i took my man in the room and ****** him stupid took control of his **** and made him wait till i was ready for him to *** .....i took turns sucking and ******* him till he got so close then i turned over and made me **** me from behind and told him he could *** .....the rest is history .....we were all our of commission after this night .....sweet dreams and hope you enjoyed the story .....these are all true stories i have witnesses who can confirm these events lol..i can honestly say i have the best of both worlds the most amazing man who can destroy me in every way and the deadliest woman i could ever imagine ....they are ******* phenominal with me and my heartrate doesnt stand a chance with these two lol.......ttyl all have a wonderful night...[

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3 Responses Mar 8, 2009

I loved your true story. There is just one thing I am not clear about. Has this wonderful play group ever gotten back together again? Have you all met any others who you like to be with? Have you found any clubs that encourage swingers?<br />
Please say yes and take lots of notes the next time you go to a meeting...DD

Great contribution! Thanks for sharing a true life experience! Very steamy portrayal in each room. The girl love was very saucy, and sounded so rewarding too! Bring us more soon! Well done.

Ohh damn, sexy! I need a very cold shower now.. lol :P What an amazing evening! I so wish I could have something like that! my man is into that too and has always said he would love it if I would do stuff with another woman, its just I haven't been able to find the right one :(