Our First Secret Encounter

I awaken as you move a bit in your sleep.  The sliding glass door to our motel balcony overlooking the ocean is open.  I can hear the continuous crash of waves upon the shore.  I move closer to you, cuddling with you as you sleep.  My naked skin craves the feel of your naked skin.  My body reacts to our renewed bodily contact.  My penis begins absorbling the feel of the warmth of your body against it and it begins to swell once again.  As you sleep soundly, I recount our earlier fun and pleasure.

I stroke your hair as I remember how you and I met online on EP.  You and I both desperately needing some escape from our marriages, both seeking something...someone who would understand.  Somehow you and I found each other and we instantly held on to each other...it was you that I was seeking and craving, and I was that person for you.

After many many months of very long late night chats, sharing everything we possibly could share from a distance, improvising the means to satisfy each other in every possible way, we finally had the opportunity to steal away for a weekend together. 

Earlier tonight we met on the beach...our very first face to face meeting.  I took you in my arms and as we embraced, we kissed passinately...our tongues desperately seeking deeper contact with each other.  I cannot control myself.  My fingers stroke your beautiful dark hair.  I cannot resist your lovely dark eyes, your beautiful complexion, and your touch.

As we begin to succumb to our desire for each other, you lead me to the room that you have already secured.  You open the door and welcome me to the place where we will take our relationship to its most intimate level.

As I walk in the door, I see the ocean view, the bed whose cool white sheets await our warm bodies, and I feel you hug me from behind.  I turn around and we kiss fervently as my fingers begin to stroke your breasts.  I feel your nipples get even harder as your breath quickens.  I feel your hands over my chest as one moves to my butt and the other moves to the front of my pants.  I cannot and do not desire to hide how hard I am.

We begin to undress each other, gazing, admiring, and longing for each other's nakedness.  I lead you to the bed, to the cool white sheets.  As we get onto the bed, I have such a strong uncontrollable desire to explore your smooth, slick *****.  I have craved the sight and feel of your *****.  You lay on your back and smile at me as you see how much aroused I am becoming at the sight and feel of you.  I lightly and admiringly touch your awesome *****.  You seem pleased at how much I desire you.

I lean up to kiss you as my fingers dance around your nipples.  As I kiss you, the tip of my penis slides against your ***** lips.   We both moan as we absorb the pleasure  I begin to caress you with my fingers, and follow the trail of my fingertips with with my lips and tongue.  As I stop at your nipples, my fingers continue down your stomach, around your mound and then down to your inner thighs.  You spread your knees, allowing me better access to your silky skin.  I caress your thighs as i suck first one nipple then the other.  I am loving how your body is reacting to my touch and kisses.   My fingers begin to lightly brush up against your smooth *****.  I trace the outline of your *****, feeling your dampness as I spread your lips further apart.

I taste you from my finger and offer the same to you.  You taste yourself also from my fingers and whisper that I made you wet.  As i return my finger to you, I begin to caress your inner lips and your ****.   I whisper to you that I want to make you ***.  You snuggle down more in the bed, spreading your legs further apart.  My fingers rhythmically caress your vagina and your ****.   You begin to close your eyes and moan.  My lips begin to kiss your stomach, then your mound...then join my fingers caressing you.  My lips begin to kiss and suck your skin...taking your fleshy folds into my lips, then using my tongue to caress your **** as my fingers explore your deepness.

The sound of the ocean...the coolness of the breeze coming through the open doors all add to the intensity of the moment.   I sense you approaching the edge and suck on your **** as you erupt into your ******.  I loved feeling your *** with my lips....

You bask in your ****** as I cuddle with you.  My very hard penis is pressing against you, desiring you...wanting you.  You begin to kiss me as your hand moves to my penis.  You whisper to me that you love how it feels in your hand and how you love how my skin glides underneath my fingers.  As you stroke me, you begin to kiss my neck, down my chest, across my stomach, then kissing the base of my penis as your fingers work their magic. 

The warmth of your mouth and lips and your hand is so intense.   You move in front of me as you circle the tip with your tongue before taking it totally into your mouth.  I stroke your long dark hair as you us your hands and mouth in the most magical way.  As I watch you, you begin to gaze deeply into my eyes.   I feel myself getting to the point of no return.  I tell you that I am about to *** and suddenly I erupt into your mouth.   You suck harder and faster, moaning as you swallow my ***.  You continue to slowly stroke and suck as my ****** subsides.  You move up to kiss me and I taste both my *** and your juices on your lips and tongue.

We cuddle and lightly stroke each other as our passion gives way to afterglow.   We lightly caress each other's hair and arms as we talk and kiss.  Gradually we fall asleep in each other's arms, knowing that one of us would awaken the other in a special way and begin our erotic exploration of each other again.

I am awake now, touching your naked body.  I am yielding to my strong desire to touch and caress your ***** again.  My penis is getting harder and desiring you...

more to ***

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7 Responses Mar 8, 2009

Wow!!! Very hot!

thanks, im pleased that you liked it :)

thanks for your kind thoughts. i would love to hear about the experience that this brought to mind :)

oh i really like this it is a good .. Kind of reminds me.. of a experience.. i had a while ago.. thanks for sharing.

thanks sugardove!!! glad you liked it :)

Great story, full of romance and lust!

it was really nice reading this.... you have a way with words mister. ahhh so seductive