Best Laid Plans


I used to teach weapons self-defense along with a Black Belt and a woman friend who was a counselor at the Rape Crisis Center. When my friend needed someone to protect a fair maiden in distress she called me. “You know how I am always telling you to put a brake on it when you think some guy was less then nice to a woman?” Well this time I want you to take the brakes off and throw the away. Just don’t go to jail.” LOL   A friend of hers, Nancy, just got dumped by this guy who then took his new girl friend to the same bar that was a favorite of the Nancy’s. Heavy stuff. 

  I dressed up a bit and Nancy came over. She had a big grin and asked me to wait while she changed into something more daring. Nancy took out a cigarette pouch and pulled from the pouch this small red silk dress. This see-through dress had two straps that came up over her nipples and tied behind her neck. The dress part went to about mid thigh and in the right light was almost invisible. Out of modesty, Nancy did wear panties. 

    By coincidence, this favorite bar was two blocks from my brown stone apartment. We walked through the alley, being careful not to step in mud puddles because it had rained earlier that day. 

  When we got to the bar this ex was at a table with some sweet girl. 

   Nancy and I made a loud entrance and went around talking to everyone as if everything was copasetic.   We danced and we were sure to dance near this jerk’s table. Nancy spun around and accidentally knocked his beer over. I laid Nancy over the table edge with a over the top bow.

People in the bar were laughing at our antics. I remember my chin was quivering in anticipation. I wanted so bad for this guy to even look like he wanted to start something and I would have smacked his big nose. No. The girl got up and left. He put his head on the table.

I went and set across from him. I smiled and talked in a soft voice. I told him how badly I and every one else was praying he would raise his head and say one word to me.    He got up and left. 

  The people there applauded and jeered him as he went out the door. Nancy and I had a few drinks with Nancy’s friends and then we left. I was a little tense at first and looking for his car or any sing of him. Nothing.   Once we crossed the first street and I could see the back of my apartment I relaxed more and hugged Nancy. 

  BOOM!! We kissed. BOOM!!

She started pulling my jacket off and I ripped her little silk dress off.   We fell into a mud puddle and she kept tugging my pants down.   I raised her hips high so we would at least be out of the water and lost myself in her warm/hot vagina. I pushed and raised her hips higher and pushed until every last mm of my shaft was buried in her mound. She grinded her hips back against me and bit my shoulder as hard as she could. I didn’t care, my pleasure was far more intense then any pain I felt.   When we were done I noticed there was no more water in the puddle. We were both mud people and only our eyes and mouths showed we were human.

We laughed and tried to support each other as we walked the remaining few yards to my place. She was scans clothes and I was tripping on my one pant leg that just would not come loose. I had to sit down and she jerked them off. We tossed what mudded clothes I had left into a trash can and went inside naked as muddied Jay Birds.

Of course we scraped the mud off each other and took a shower togather. And made love a bit more like normals. Sometimes not. All that weekend we made the beast with two backs et al...

   We were friends for several years after that. OMGoddess…DD    

Dewduster Dewduster
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2 Responses Mar 8, 2009

Scratch that Terry Pratchett reference; you're more 'Jackie Collins' in this particular story, lol!<br />
Jilly Cooper eat your heart out, haha!<br />
Last time we tried any al fresco, we were caught by a guy walking his dog! (Well, his dog caught us first; by the grace of god we were halfway decent by the time he passed by!)<br />
Then there was the time his dad nearly caught us......rather not think about that time, ROFL!<br />
he said he was on nights.....then we heard the key in the door! First time i ever had a conversation with my future dad-in-law - and i had my knickers in my coat pocket! Nice. And Ste just left me to make conversation, the bloody coward! Apparently, while im holding on to my knickers, trying to make polite small talk, Ste's upstairs ******* his sides at the thought of my embarrassment! If i didn't laugh, id cry, LMAO!

they must have been burnin' some serious flame, to dry up that water in the puddle. Whoa! Nice story DD!