Bell Curve


I used to have a place called “The Center” in Denver,~78-82. I taught self defense,weapons, Embrace the Night Mare, tarot cards and group- support diet. Max Marques taught Kabala philosophy and others gave rebirthing, herbal type classes. It was next to the park in Capital Hill. It was a wonderful place to meet women and make cash money.  

  One day an x-nun walked in. She was nervous but I got her to talk to me. We had tea and a chat. However, she left without signing up for any class but took my card. What I am warming up to is the fact that she did call back and invited me over to her new condo.  

  After a few drinks and some flirting she showed me this silk cord and ball gag. She wanted me to spank her, tease her a bit and then “raffish” her.( Her word) Of course I smiled, and told her I would do this for her. I gagged her and tied her wrist to her knees. She was shaking her head but she had warned me that she might do that and that was why she bought the gag. Her eyes stilled tried to communicate with me so I blind folded her.  

 I then took out my knife and cut her under ware off. Her head was still shaking so I held her head between my knees and spanked her until she stopped trying to shake her head. Then I went into the small laundry room and got the cloths pins. They were nice red plastic pins and I did my best to place all of them on her body starting with the nipples.  She had some large white candles so I lit them and let the hot wax drip on her skin while I ate an apple. She was curled up into a ball with her butt in the air so I was inspired to make her a candle stick holder. This wasn’t as easy as it sounds because the candle was a bit large. However, with the help of some Crisco I got it in place and told her not to dare move while I went looking for a camera. 

  I could not find a camera but I did “raffish” her several times. I did take the ball gag off so she could clean me with her tongue and she never said a word, she just did as I requested. 

  When I untied her she got up, went into the bathroom and stayed there. I could hear water running but she didn’t respond to my calling her so I left.  

  She never did come around again but I felt that I had done my best to give her what she wanted. I'll bet she didn't need the bondage anymore and was too embarras to see me anymore.  


Dewduster Dewduster
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Holy carpit. I wish someone would take out a knife and cut off my panties!!! <br />
<br />
Fab story DD and lol @Andrew a little bit.

Mmmm, you sound like a money maker to me. When I was young I would have been happy to be your pimp...DD

i love this story. it is close to what i want but i want way worse

or send me yours...DD

Krypton! WOW! My little story has sat there for several weeks neglected. Now overnight, BOOM! The x-nun has given me a gift that keeps on giving. <br />
Her coming to me was no accident. Of all the gin mills…<br />
I hope she has settled into a nice boring middle class life…D

That is an interesting experience. Not many people get to have an ex-nun beg them to tie them up. Great story.

I know! I feel lucky that I am somewhat safe way out her in the middle of NM! Even still, you could have me sooooo easy if you only wanted to set your mind to it. Why, why have you not taken me?<br />
You know I want to worship at your feet. Thank you for my freedom. Yet, I curse you for the loss of meaning that …were is this going? What was my point? <br />
O’ dear…D

I too understand....having taken a male slave many times.

AndrewPenney and pixelita I feel like I am visited by royalty!<br />
<br />
Your understanding means a lot to me. Besides my own desire to have some fun, I had hoped to teach her a lesson that her own salvation lay in the middle of the bell curve and not the extreme ends. <br />
<br />
I believe she was lucky that she found me and not some one who would have made her into a slave. <br />
<br />
I was tempted though. She would have made a good money maker…D ` ~ `` `

I think you hit the nail on the head Dew... I think it was related to religion ..... maybe she wanted to be punished because she left the faith....<br />
<br />
Sounds as though you gave it to her! :-)

True, but I was not usually this harsh with women. I just felt she wanted to experience the opposite of being married to Christ. I hope she found someone more in the middle of the sexual experience curve. <br />
Note, I didn’t leave any physical scars or sell her to a pimp...DD

Dewduster, are you sure you're not my co-worker, Bill? That sounds like one of his missives! LOL

Sorry, I really am Dewduster.

George, is that you?

wow what a story!